"...I'm just...confused." ~Michel to Kami

Michelangelo "Michel" De Luca is Francesco's gay younger brother.

Homosexual lifestyleEdit

Although, Michel knows he is gay and has dealt with it, he still isn't comfortable coming out to people. The first person to know was Kami Drilovsky, one of his best friends and ex-girlfriend. The two dated for about two weeks in the ninth grade before he figured out he was in fact gay. After that, they dated for another week before Kami got tired of pretending to be his girlfriend and told him they needed to break up. He agreed and the two broke up. A couple pf days later, he came out to the rest of his friends and older brother, but not his parents.


Michel has curly, brown hair and brown eyes. He is tall and skinny.


He is the funniest, nicest, and most caring person Kami has ever dated. He is super smart and cares alot about his grades.

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