The Meta Machine is a machine invented by Father, in which one thing goes in the left pod, and a living being in the right. The thing in the left pod is converted into Bang Gas and sucked into the right pod, where the person inhales it and becomes a mutated being with features from the previous thing, such as a part-cat.


In Operation: REVENGE, Father used this machine to mutate Violet with a cat and give her catlike abilities. In Operation: ANCESTOR, Violet was fused by the same machine, only difference being willingly. However, while the team was traveling through time in Monty's Galactic Days, they watched as Violet hesitated to enter the machine, and even have second thoughts, only to be accidentally forced in by Jar Jar Blinks.

In the one-shot "The Path of Scar", Dr. Eggman invented the same machine and used it to mutate Scarlet Vargas, only difference is he used a Chaos Emerald, making the fusion more powerful.

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