Master Uchiha

Master Uchiha is a Japanese-American and Jewish boy, who is UchihaKND's first official OC and one of her favorites.


Original backgroundEdit

He is from the future and he is a travel-traveler, and is one of the KND's spies. Very odd from the other KND spies, he is in fact a twenty-nine-year-old adult and often shows up in his ten-year-old body. Unlike adults, like Father and others, he is not evil or an enemy to the KND (but was once Delightfulized by Father, but returned to the KND), he is often characterized by nice, short-tempered, and is very friendly.

Master Uchiha

Basic info

Name: Master Uchiha

Nickname: Uchiha

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Nationality: Japanese-American

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Current home: Gallagher, Virginia. (USA)

Family: William and Ai Uchiha (decreased), Joshua Uchiha (alive), Linda Uchiha Scott (alive), Jeff Scott (alive), Kesha Uchiha (alive), Kaede (alive), Josephine Uchiha (future wife), Lynn Uchiha (future daughter), Edgar Uchiha (future son).

Languages: Japanese, English.

Religion: Judaism.


Numbuh: 978

Sector: D

Team: Rafael Stanton (leader) (Numbuh 3331) and Kesha (Numbuh 559)

Known as: Delightful Actor

Uchiha has an age-shifting, that came out in 2024, and enjoys going to different universes'. He also spends time at home and is a widowed-father with three boys (which two are grown up and the youngest is sixteen.) His sons have Japanese names: Akira, Akio, and Ichiro. Although Ichiro's name means 'first-born', Uchiha and his decreased wife, Sabrina, named him that for a reason that is unknown.

Akira and Akio have their father's looks: black hair and Ichiro has his mother's looks: blonde hair and blue eyes. Akio has his mother's eyes and Akira takes after his father, which black hair and forest green eyes.

Uchiha was born in Japan and exactly on this date 'Friday the Thirteenth', to which his grandmother (he referred to her as the proper way, 'Sobo'), thought he was bad luck. He also has a younger brother, Josh Uchiha, and is unknown where he is now. He was two-years-old when they died. Josh was an infant where they died.

His parents' names were William and Ai. William was Jewish and his birth surname was "Katzir," but it was changed to "Uchiha," because of William's parents' fear of their children being mistreated for their Jewish faith.

Uchiha was loved deeply by his parents and didn't learn a lot of Japanese in his short time in Japan. He could speak some small words and only separately. When he asked where his parents were (he called them "Momma" and "Daddy"), she said they were gone and did not go any further. When he asked one last time, she shouted at him.

Soon, she put him under adoption, and left. Josh begged and bawled for him to stay, but Sobo forced him to let go. Uchiha was miserable and lonely. The bed, he claimed, was not as soft as he old one. Since he was toliet-trained in his old home and he learned to dress himself, he felt that he was on his own. He would sneak outside and reminisce, by what I mean, is play in the leaves. He would do that before his parents died.

Soon, he was adopted in America, by what seemed to be a great family. Al and Brooke Simmons. By the first week of staying, he loved them already and called them the names he called his parents before they died. He had two foster-siblings: Casey Simmons, who was two years older than him, and Leanne Simmons, who was two-years-younger than him. His new father thought his name was 'Uchiha' when they first met him and he let them call him that. Now, this is the name that he is referred to as.

He enjoyed himself in his new home before school started. He, by two-years-old, was considered a prodigy by adults and he had a wide vocabulary. School seemed to be what he needed most; Wrong. He was not happy in kindergarten and was labeled as a 'geek' in school for years. He had two friends, who were also outcasted by their peers. They were older than him.

Teachers enjoyed him in their classes and thought he was bright. His foster-father was proud of him and knew he would have a bright future ahead of him. By middle school, he was excited to see his two old friends. But he did not know about how much they had changed and they were bullies who no longer went by their names. They had went by 'Snake' and 'Bones.' Since he did not have friends, he sat alone or with others like him.

He was put in Honors' Classes and he was, again in Elementary school, was well liked there. He was miserable and he felt like his foster-father had liked Casey better than him. By which, at his first tour of the middle school, teachers seemed to pay more attention to Casey than him. He left the building and saw a man smoking a cigarette and his foster-father took him inside immediately and his foster-mother had been crying while worrying about him. He explained to them that he thought they were busy and they replied they weren't.

His feelings towards his brother did not change for a while. He felt miserable a lot and being an outcast didn't help either. This continued in high school and he, who was not willing to let them bully him around or be an outcast any longer, decided to do something about it: he decided to change his label and change things around.

He was a freshman and fourteen-years-old. He bought dark shirts and skinny jeans, and walked into the school with a brand new attitude. He, who claimed at the time, that being bullied so long made him bitter. They were baffled at first, but he proved to them that he was changed by punching a bully in the face.

He proved himself, unintentionally, as a jerk, and soon, a pretty-boy. He also grew his hair out and put it in a ponytail, using the type scrunchie he's used all of his life: a red one. Teachers began to dislike having him in class, for he did not do his homework, tardy, and skipping class. Also his principal was not happy either and he soon became annoyed with him. He also had shown to have a short temper, and to this day, and also a bad attitude. He was kicked out of his Honors' Classes and put into regular classes. He thought things would turn out good, but he was completely wrong.

At home, things which were nice and peaceful, changed forever. His foster-father began to abuse him physically and emotionally, and showed a strong dislike towards him. School and home became a living hell for him, students hated him and his foster-father had acted like an enemy to him. His foster-mother still loved him and so did his foster-siblings. His foster-mother was in fear that her husband would hit her too, and tried to talk to him about it, and she backed down. She felt guilty for not stopping it. He wore his sister's make-up to hide the bruises and did not tell anyone about the abuse at him. He also shown deep hatred for his foster-father and this would last until his death (will be explained in Regret and Death)

Uchiha had also begged him for cigarettes, and his foster-father told him that on his fifteenth birthday, he would get a pack. He got a pack and became addicted to them. He also had shown weakness to them and his foster-father would continue buying them for him. He was also considered disrespectful and mean-spirited. He was not mean all the time, he often shown pain and stress and the members (mother, older brother, younger sister) of his foster-family knew he was hiding the pain and covering up the bruises on his face. They felt bad for him and wanted him to feel better, but knew they could not do such things to make it go away.

This abuse and misery continued on and on. And in his sophomore year, he had to switch to a private school, and gave up skinny jeans for a while to pay for the tuition and he felt a lot better, but his home life had not changed. He had not trusted hardly anyone and refused to let anyone in.

As a law during that time, he could drop out of high school at sixteen, and he did just that when he was sixteen and got a job at a local convenience store. The abuse did not stop. He still lived at home and although he had his driver's license, he didn't have a car and his foster-father refused to let him drive his car. He walked there (because it was near his home) and it was right near the school that he loathed so much.

At seventeen, the abuse stopped from constantly to ocassionally, and he felt relieved. He also tried to prove him as someone nicer, but only the three members of the foster-family were convinced and maybe some others (he did not know of this). His foster-father called him a 'free-loader' sometimes, because he didn't move out just than. He did something to him, and tried to send him away, and he sucessed at that, but Sabrina's father (will be explained below), Seth, and his foster-mother got him out and she divorced him. The abuse had ended and he could live in peace.

Uchiha met his soon-to-be wife, Sabrina, who was sixteen, while he was walking to work and she was walking to school. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was starstruck by her and she too was starstruck by him. They engaged in conversation, unknowingly of his past. She had to go and then after school, she invited him over. Her mother and father had not known that he was a drop-out and overreacted and forbid her to see him. She snuck behind his back, outraged by this, and saw him anyway. They had their first kiss and he asked her to be his girlfriend (although they had not known each other for a while). She accepted and left with a smile.

After the first week of their friendship\relationship, they felt that they could not bear to go a weekend without each other. As she walked inside of her home, her mother and father (who had known about their friendship) told her she could see him. They explained to her that he had wanted to see if he could trust him and they proved they could trust him. They also knew how happy he made her.

Sabrina had also not known about the abuse during the time and once she found out about it, she asked him if he was going to be okay and he assured her that he was. Later on, after their relationship forwarded, his foster-father sent him away, not telling his family.

Her father, Seth, who had become caring of the boy, like he was his own son, was outraged about this and demanded that he tells him about it. He refused at first, and he went on to explain that he was his son and he should not have done that. He eventually told him and he, Brooke, came to rescue him. She divorced him soon after that.

With that out of the way, they grew up to marry each other and have children. Which, they would have three boys. Akira (meaning 'intelligent') was born first, then later on, Akio was born (meaning 'bright man'), and last but not least, Ichiro (I stated the meaning in his name under Overview, if you want to go back and read it).

They spent good long years together and raised their boys to be great young men. They had some of their father in them. Such as their short-tempers. Ichiro took after his mother: her calmess, but he still had a short-temper if he was pushed far enough.

Al Simmons, over the years, had changed for the good: he felt horrible about what he had done to his foster-son and tried to apologize, but Uchiha did not want to accept and shunned him. He had refused to let him see his sons, visit them, and he had still hated him although he had apologized. Brooke had forgiven him and he still felt pain and the guilt that came with it. His sons were young (Ichiro was not born yet)

Al died in his fifties' due to a heart-condition, that Uchiha did not know about. Uchiha was baffled about this and he was so sad. He had felt guilt about all that and he felt that he should have let him see his grandsons, visit him, and so on. He had forgiven him and that made him feel better.

Later on, as his sons grew up into young adults, Sabrina died in a drunk driving accident. He was baffled about this and was heartbroken. He and his sons lost an important part of their life and he went into a deep depression. This depression lasted for a while and he started therapy. He refused at first, but then realized it would help him and decided to do it. It helped him greatly.

Another Part of His Original BackgroundEdit

Uchiha, as a KND spy, once went under disguise as one of the Delightful Children. He faked the Delightfulization and wore sky blue contact lenses. He had to act like them, talking like them, and so on, to his deep dislike. Secretly being his own person, he kept his true personaltiy hidden and had to control his temper.

He was to get their secrets and report back to them. It seemed endless for Uchiha, and he could not take acting like that. He hid his emotions, like he did as a teenager, but this time, it was a bigger challege for him. Being called 'Delightful Dork' and other names that the Delightful Children get called bothered him. He knew he had to keep his cool at all times and act like them.

After a while, he started to feel worse, and he gets discovered by Father. He explained to him who he was and unknowingly it was not wise at the time, he volunteered for Delightfulization (that now, he regrets deeply to this day) because he owed them something. Father asked him if he was telling the truth and he confirmed that.

The Delightfulization lasted for a whole two months, it would have lasted longer, but his son came to his rescue and saved him. He was told that he was lucky and Uchiha became grateful (and still grateful) that he was saved. He now regrets this and it still bothers him today. He claimed that he wasn't thinking at the time and is very sorry for his actions. Although, he was almost decomissioned by the KND, he proved himself that he would not do it (or anything like that) again.

Updated and Changed BackgroundEdit

In recent months, Master Uchiha's background has been updated and changed. Above is the old, original background. 

Master Uchiha was born in Tokyo, Japan to William and Ai Uchiha on October 13, 2000 and his brother Joshua came when he was two. William was American, Jewish and a former actor (independent films) from New York who changed his major to business. Ai was Japanese, Christian, and she started in law school and business early on in her career in Tokyo, Japan.

Both children were raised as Jews, but raised with Christianity in their lives. The children attended public schools in Japan and their first language was Japanese and learnt English in school (and also, William helped them with that). 

Often William and Ai were working, so they had to leave their children with Akina Ine (Ai's mother). Akina was raised with the belief that "Friday the 13th" was bad luck and believed Uchiha was bad luck, and she shown great favouritism. 

She often neglected Uchiha and she gave him more rules and generally unfair towards the eldest child. Akina wouldn't let him go upstairs to see Josh, she wouldn't make him meals, and she would often leave him alone downstairs with the TV on. 

Akina verbally abused him, such as telling him he was a "brat" and other things. She would punish him for no reason at all, such as even talking to her, and she wasn't nice or loving towards him. The young child didn't understand this and she would tell him not to tell anyone. He was afraid, but he didn't tell his parents.

This went on for years and change did happen. When the children were older (Uchiha was seven and Josh was five), William and Ai realised that the kids didn't have a lot of time with them and they made more time with their kids.

At a young age, Uchiha was naturally intelligent and he was on the top of his class at his elementary school, and he was put in honor's classes. Unfortunately for his best friend, who wasn't as gifted and was barely passing, Uchiha gave him tutoring often.

Now, he was rarely home. Balancing with school, his homework, tutoring his best friend, Uchiha was always busy. William and Ai were worried about him and they arranged for less tutoring and more time at home. At this time, Akina wasn't as abusive and she let him see Josh before he went to bed. 

One night, William and Ai went out to dinner, and they left Akina in charge of the children. So, a few hours went by, and William and Ai still weren't home yet. Uchiha kept looking out of the window, staring at the moon and stars, and praying for them to come home. But they still didn't come. 

Akina was getting Josh to bed at nine that night, and she told Uchiha to go to bed, too. The boy didn't listen and he kept waiting for them to come home, and he had a feeling his parents weren't coming back. But the child kept looking out of the window and keeping hope that they would. At last, twelve in the morning came and Uchiha was sleeping by the window.

His parents didn't come home and it was clear something happened to them.

They learnt that night that William and Ai died in a car accident, and the family was crushed by this. Akina Ine was granted custody of her grandchildren, and she had first intended to keep Master Uchiha and raise him, despite disliking him. Akina, now raising the children as her own, enforced strict rules and bed times. She had no mercy with the children and she ran the house with her rules this time around.  

Uchiha completely shut down and he was rebelious and disobedient. He now hated school, hated his house, and even refused to go to school! He disobedied Akina's rules such as staying up late, not doing his homework, and not listening to her. He refused to even leave his room and she had enough of him.

So, on one day, Akina had enough of him and she told him to pack up all of his stuff and she planned for him to go up for adoption in an orphanage away from Tokyo. She didn't tell Uchiha, and she didn't plan on telling him at all until they got on the road.

She didn't tell anyone about this.

Once the child packed his things up and Akina put it in the car, she got Josh ready to go and she began driving. As she drove, she told Uchiha, "Say your last goodbyes to Joshua. You're going to the orphanage and you won't see us ever again."

The boy sobbed and argued, but she then told him, "If you argue and apologise one more time, you won't even say goodbye to us." Uchiha understood now and he said his goodbyes until they arrived at the orphange hours later.

At last, Uchiha's worst moment ever came when they took all of his stuff in the orphanage and Uchiha gave his last goodbye hug to Josh, and the five-year-old didn't take it well. They hugged each other so tightly that they had to separate the children. 

So after almost a year, Jeff and Linda Scott found out about William and Ai's death from the news online and they learned about Uchiha was in the orphanage in a city in Japan. Shortly after finding out that Uchiha wasn't adopted since there were so many children there.

Meanwhile Uchiha was miserable and he had talked to so many parents looking for kids, and yet none of them adopted him. He was very miserable, anti-social, and quiet, and he just wanted someone to choose to take him home with them. Finally, Jeff and Linda managed to have the money to fly to Japan and adopt him, and they traveled to Japan. 

By the time they came to adopt him, Uchiha was almost eight-years-old and he was so happy they came. In fact, his didn't even know they existed! So they took him to America, and they introduced him to their home in Gallagher, Virginia to learn English and have a good life in America. 

Delightful Actor personaEdit

After Uchiha turned 10, he developed ideas that would lead to his well-known persona the "Delightful Actor." First he studied the Delightful Children From Down the Lane for month or two. Then bought a blue suit and red tie of the Delightful Children, got his hair cut short, bought light blue contact lenses, and bought his watch (to change his voice).

After doing all of that, intially Uchiha decided he's going to use it for KND purposes by tricking adults into thinking he's Delightful and going back to his normal self. This went on for months with no problems, but when he turned 11, he began to confuse his real personality and his persona and began to use it for his own purposes.

He now takes the act too far, unintenionally by getting too used to the act, using the act for selfish purposes, but he doesn't always not recogise this. He does still have a good, kind personality that is mixed with his Delightful Actor persona. 

But his Delightful persona nowadays, he has accepted and decided it to be his new personality and new person, but he does still have his kind heart and love for his friends\family. As it seems now, the personality takes over those senses and it's not seen a lot by people. 

People who know him personally usually do understand, as people who don't, haven't seen those good traits he still has.


Original appearance

Uchiha's originally appeared as a seventeen-year-old teenager, and has long black hair in a ponytail, with a red scrunchie to hold and he has forest-green eyes. Uchiha wears a white t-shirt, black buttoned-up jacket (which he never buttons up, unless it's cold), blue skinny jeans, and white sneakers.

Updated appearanceEdit

Uchiha is a young boy with an average height with forest-green eyes and black hair. He has his mother's eye shape, and mostly takes after his father. 

Before he turned ten, he had waist-long black hair which he kept in a ponytail with a red scrunchie. But when he decided to become the "Delightful Actor" he changed his hairstyle. Which is a haircut similiar to Bruce (of the Delightful Children's), but he has a low neck hairline instead.

As the "Delightful Actor" Uchiha dresses like the Delightful Children From Down the Lane, which he is almost always seen with. He wears the uniform, which consists of a white shirt, red tie, blue blazer, blue shorts like Bruce along with blue socks, and the brown shoes. Also, on rare ocassions, he wears a white t-shirt with a black, buttoned-up jacket (which he only buttons up when it's cold), blue skinny jeans, and black and white converse shoes. Much like his original.

Almost always, especially as the Delightful Actor, he wears light blue contact lenses to make his eyes more like the Delightful Children's and he also sports a voice-changing watch that he wears under his sleeves, which he bought from a pawn shop after a scientist sold it to them because it only changed voices. So he often uses it and he speaks with a monotone voice.

Nowadays, he is rarely seen without his contacts. Many people who only know the Delightful Actor persona he assumed to be his new personality, don't know he has forest-green eyes and many think he has natural light blue eyes.


Original technologyEdit

Uchiha wears his watch constantly and it not only keeps track of the time, age-shifts, and time-travels, it does different other things. He can video-chat with it and he can IM people. He also carries a cell-phone at all times, and it is a flip-phone that's white all over.

Updated technologyEdit

Uchiha always has his watch, if he's the Delightful Actor or not, and it's under his blazer\jacket sleeves. It appears as a normal watch with the time, but really it changes his voice to a monotone. It can change his voice to not only a monotone, but he doesn't use the other voices.

A scientist built the watch and he tried to program it to do more, but it couldn't, and he sold it to the local pawn shop. Uchiha later found it and bought it, to use for his acts. Also, Uchiha always carries a cell-phone, which differs from the original phone. It's an all black, flip phone, and he uses it a lot and for emergencies if the situation calls for it.



Uchiha's personality is nice, caring, very friendly, and short-tempered. If he is pushed far enough, he can be loud. While with the KND, in kid form, the fact that he is an adult does not cross their minds unless they get to know him. If an adult gets him angry in that form, he does not resist his anger; he shows them that he is angry. As his attitude was as a young adult\teenager, he can hold grudges (only if someone really hurts him, like his foster-father did) and he is more forgiving now.

He can be impatient when kept waiting, he can be vicious. He does not show this trait often, though. As a teenager, he was easily enraged when someone commented on his feminine appearance or mistaken him for a girl, he is still easily enraged by that. He also gets annoyed when an adult mistakes him for a seventeen-year-old.

He is outspoken and when he is devoted to something or protecting someone, he is not afraid of standing up for them or his beliefs. He cares deeply for his family and friends, he goes to far lenghs to keep them safe. He always apologizes if he hurts anyone he cares for.

Although he is an adult, he is devoted for the cause of the KND. He does not agree with the ideas of the adult villains, such as the soda being illegal for anyone under age thirteen.

He is a very lenient parent and rarely grounds his boys (Akira and Akio are adults now, so they don't count) or takes things away. But he will be firm with them if it is necessary.
Delightfulized Master Uchiha

This is what Uchiha would look like Delightfulized.

He does not overreact and he is understanding with them. He knows the pain of being hated and unloved (by a parent), and he does not want his boys to ever feel the way he felt as a teen.

He also shows sadness and remorse, such as the mentioning of his two month Delightfulization and mentioning the pain of his past.


Much like his original personality, Uchiha is very nice, friendly, caring, but very short-tempered. When he had long hair, he was often made fun of and he was very anger. Now, he has short hair, and he gets angered especially when mocked for being the Delightful Actor, his uniform, his eyes, voice, and other insults towards him.

He's also outspoken and apologetic, like his original self, and will do anything to protect the ones he loves and cares about. He tends to apologise a lot.

After he turned 10, Uchiha came up with an idea that he can act and dress as the Delightful Children From Down the Lane, and thus, came the Delightful Actor! Once he began acting, it was difficult for him to act as them and he had to make changes.

At first it was just acting and it was just temporary, but after months of acting, it had started to become his new personality.

Thus, he let it become his personality and he has trouble telling the difference between acting and not acting. So he is sometimes described as an "adult suck up" and a "goody-goody," and even "snooty." Due to the constant acting, he is slightly evil. He sometimes is his regular self and sometimes he is a Delightful, which he proudly tells people that he is "Delightful." 

So that tends to put people against him, and even treating him like the enemy. He doesn't get along with some operatives, especially Numbuh 86. He doesn't often realise what he does is pushing everyone away and against him.

He is also very clever and manipulative, so he can use adults and trick them into thinking he's a real Delightful. He is also a good liar, which often backfires on him and people don't like him because of these traits he developed.

He does apologise a lot and he can realise what he does is wrong, and even acknowledges that it's wrong, but states he will never stop because "he's gone too far to quit now." With the Delightful personality he's developed, he still has the same traits mixed in with the "Delightful."

Uchiha does have a very mean side of him that he developed, similar to Light Yagami's but not as badly. He can be very narcissistic, egoist, selfish, and very overconfident of his abilities, as he will try to use the act to achieve his own purpose as well as for the KND's.

His personality is split and unpredictable. 

Changed and Updated InfoEdit


Uchiha has been adjusted to be in RPs as a kid, not as an adult. His numbuh is "978" as a real kid.

He has his personality, appearance, but he is not a parent or a father, as a kid himself. He, under the name "Numbuh 978," is a KND operative and a good friend. So, in the KND Universe, where he is from in the RP(s), he's just average boy with long black hair and forest-green eyes.

Not much changes in that case, besides his age and height. But, in this case, he doesn't have Akira, Akio, and Ichiro as sons, or Sabrina as a wife. The time-traveling watch doesn't exist and he's just an average KND operative. In that case, too, his cousin is around his age.

His cousin is Keyshia "Kesha" Uchiha, and from Japan, too. Kesha's age various as well as his age, depending on the RP.

Also, in the various RP(s) where he's a kid, it is unknown if Josh exists or not as his younger brother. Also, in various RP(s) Uchiha speaks fluent Japanese.


Uchiha isn't an adult anymore. He's a kid and a KND operative, which is Numbuh 978 and he is a member of his sector ("D"). So now, the Simmons family doesn't exist, and so does Sabrina, Akira, Akio and Ichiro. Josh and Kesha does exist, and Jeff and Linda Scott (his uncle and aunt) are his guardians. So, Josh is still his brother, Kesha is still his cousin, Jeff and Linda are still his uncle and aunt.

Living RelativesEdit


It's unknown if his "Sobo" is still alive, even as a kid in the various RPs. His Japanese relatives are unknown, but one is known, and she is his second or third cousin. Her name is Keyshia, but goes by her nickname Kesha. She has his black hair and forest-green eyes. Kesha has his personality, but she has an even temper (as he has a short-temper).

Also, William had a sister named Linda Uchiha Scott and it was revealed that she lives in Gallagher, Virginia, with her husband Jeff Scott. Linda enjoys visits with Uchiha and his family.


Uchiha's grandmother is still alive and few of his Japanese relatives are known.  Such as Kesha and a cousin named Kaede, whom he was close with in Tokyo. His guardians and aunt and uncle, Jeff and Linda Scott are very close to him and he loves them. 

Known family members (All Updated)Edit

Correct, known charactersEdit

  • Josephine Uchiha (future wife)- Alive

Traitorous and Deceitful traitsEdit

Uchiha is very capable of being deceitful towards the KND, which he begins to dislike. He tends to go off from the KND's ideal kid (fighting enemies) and he likes to have his own way of things. So he usually is secretly reluctant to fight adults and he doesn't like that.

He tends to lean over to the Delightful Children's point of view, and hates fighting adults and prefers obeying them instead. He can stand up for those beliefs, as outspoken as he is, but he doesn't want to be kicked out of the KND. He is capable of schemes and ideas, but he prefers to not do that.

This is an exception to certain RPs, which he will be deceitful and become the KND's enemy. Such as my KND RP on my second account, which is on my Eric Cartman forever 44 account, where he does later betray the KND and doesn't fight his fears anymore and does what he was afraid of. 

Otherwise, he won't give in to what he wants to do.

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