Mama Odie (originally from The Princess and the Frog) is an old witch-doctor that lives in Badness Bayou. She once served as a teacher in Hogwarts, as Harvey Facilier's teacher, as mentioned in Attitude Adjustment.

Firstborn SagaEdit

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Facilier was hoping she can tell them something about Ganondorf, so he and Grim set off to find her. When they arrived at her boat in a tree, they found that Koume and Kotake had brainwashed her using an Evil Crystal, and her animals using a Tiki Banjo. Grim and Facilier had to battle her in a sing-and-dance battle, eventually destroying the crystal and defeating the Tiki. Afterwards, they asked Mama Odie how to stop Ganon, and she told them about the Master Sword, and where to find the family of the Hero that wielded it. She suggested they go back in time to ask Malladus for answers, so they do so. Later in the story, Mama Odie finds that Team Spirit crashed in her tree-boat, and Facilier and Sector V soon show up as well. Facilier tells Odie that Lucinda Talzin has returned, and Yuki was with her. Odie tells Jagar that he can't use timebending to change the past and stop Yuki's accident, because having great power doesn't mean you should always use it.


Odie is a short, wrinkly, African woman who wears a white robe and turban. She's blind, so she wears black, round glasses. She wears rings around her long fingers, and is barefoot.


Mama Odie is a wise old woman who cares about her students. She believes people should seek "what they need", not what they want, and believes that, having great power, doesn't mean you should use it.

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