Mariachi Band

Mariachi Band

Los Búhos Musicales (originally from Rango) are a band of four talking owls, who follow Nigel around during his galactic adventure in Operation: GALACSIA. They first appeared when he and Ava landed on Planet Secco, introducing themselves. Throughout the story, they appear when the gang lands on a new planet, then they explain some features about said planet. At the end of their speeches, they always end up in some random situation, such as being burned by a dragon on Planet Avalar. All throughout the adventure, they were completely unsure Nigel would survive and kept thinking he would eventually die, which he didn't. At the story's end, the band leader suspected he read Nigel Uno dying in a later story.

In the one-shot "Nigel and Eva's First Meeting", the mariachi band was floating in the pool at Sector J after Nigel and Eva Roberts met and talked for the first time. Gamewizard then ordered them to get back in Operation: GALACSIA, for they weren't supposed to be there in that time.

They also partially narrated The Great Galactic Race, whenever the racers finished or started a segment, then asked questions relating to Gamewizard's series. When the final segment began, they were run over by Nick's Revenge Rider, and weren't seen again.

In Operation: NECSUS, the mariachi band became famous throughout Galaxia for their music, and their 15th anniversary was celebrated. They had been stalking a record dealer, who enjoyed their music and became their manager.

Stories They AppearedEdit

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