Lily s.

I really like how Lily came out, I also love the background!

"He wasn't singing about you! He was singing about me. Delilah's are my favorite flower! I have a pet name!"

-Molly to Lily after hearing Black Soul's newest song.

Delilah Abigail Summers is a very vain girl just like everyone else in the Glam Clan. She hates going by the name Delilah and prefers to be called Lily. Only the Glam Clan, her family, and the teachers know what her real name is.

Delilah Summers


Dolostone Summers


The Glam Clan, Danishwa, Jarome, Stone


Black Soul, Ex-boyfriends


Manhattan, New York.

Eyes and hair:

Blue eyes and curled black hair.


Wendy Chang​Edit

The two have been friends since second grade.

Ariel StomphimEdit

The two have been friends since second grade.

Aby DittzburgEdit

The two have been friends since second grade.

Stephane AbramsEdit

The two have been friends since second grade.

Molly AbramsEdit

Molly is a newcomer to The Glam Clan. Molly joined in the beginning of their Sophomore year. Lily didn't think it was a good idea to let her join considering her obsession with Black Soul. But that view changed when Wendy told Lily her plan to use Molly.

Black SoulEdit

Lily's hatred towards Black Soul is from being a part of The Glam Clan.

Kuki SanbanEdit

Lily's hatred towards Kuki is from being a part of The Glam Clan.

Hoagie GilliganEdit

Lily actually has a small crush on him which was almost made known when Hoagie sang Black Soul's new song. Then Molly said the song was about her when Lily said it was about her. What they don't know is that the song was for Abby, who's middle name is Delilah.

Stone SummersEdit

Stones is Lily's younger twin brother. The two used to be tied at the hip until they moved to Cleveland when they were in second grade and Lily met Wendy, Ariel, Aby, and Stephane.

Denishwa and JaromeEdit

Dani and Rome, which was what they preferred to be called, were twins that lived in Lily and Stone's apartment complex. The four were best friends and would spend their days on the steps of the complex making up their own rap songs. Sometimes people would give them a few quarters for their entertainment. When this happened, the four would take it and split it up amongst themselves and go buy some bubblegum at the corner shop.


Lily has light brown skin, blue eyes, and curled black hair.


Lily is very egotistical. Her favorite color is red.

In the one-shot "Who I am", it is revealed that Lily had an entirely different personality that is exhibited when she is not by the Glam Clan. Prior to second grade, Lily was fun loving and carefree, but when she met Wendy, Ariel, Aby, and Stephane, she changed into the person we see today.


Buddygirl subconsciously made Lily's appearance identical to one of her best friends, Lily Love.

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