Mr. Oldman

Mr. Oldman


-Mr. Oldman, answering the phone.

Mr. Larry Oldman (originally from The Amanda Show) is an old man who is constantly prank-called by children, who talk about random things, confusing him, and leading him to hate children. Secretly, he is retired superhero Frosty Coldman, sidekick to Sandman, who battles using an ice pack. He is voiced by Dan Schneider.


Firstborn SagaEdit

He first appeared in the one-shot "Jeremiah's Nightmare", when Jar Jar and a hillbilly named Eenus drove Darkrai's car through the retirement home, dragging Mr. Oldman with them. When they stopped in the Toxic Four's hideout, he yelled at them for their crazy driving and ran off. He helped the others battle Darth Blinks in "Frightmare!", and was then left on Nightmare Land with no way to get home, calling an abandoned auto shop for help.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Larry tries to call Wesley Dodds for help, and Dodds flies to Nightmare Land to meet him, bringing Mandy and Katie with him. He gets Mr. Oldman to come back into his superhero persona, Frosty Coldman, though Larry refused at first. He helps them fight their way through Nightmare Land and helps them beat the Crackjack monster. Later, he and Wesley go to Silver River Forest on Planet Avalar to test the Toxic Four's abilities. Later, they go to Neo Bowser City to confront Darth Genious, but they are captured. They eventually escape and assist the rest of the heroes against the Brotherhood of Evil. Larry later helps the heroes as they venture through the Scattered Realms.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Sometime later, Mr. Oldman is passed away. Through unexplained reasons, Yuki Crystal took over his position as Frosty Coldman, just as Nolan took Wesley's place as Sandman.

Major BattlesEdit


Larry is a cranky old man who hates children for always prank-calling. He is very cowardly and shudders at the sight of danger, always screaming or even speaking in a loud temper, but he usually faces the danger with very mixed thoughts.


  • Gamewizard based his first name from actor Gary Oldman, to make it rhyme.