The Kremling Krew (originally from the Donkey Kong series) is an army of vicious reptile pirates, as well as other animals, led by King K. Rool and his two brothers. Their archenemies are the Kong Family. The Kremlings often use the letter "K" rather than "C" in words where "C" is meant to be used. Each different K. Rool brother has their own types of Kremlings.

Kremling Krew


King K. Rool (seemingly)


Kroctus, Kruckers, Kolamitous, Army Dillo, Dogadon


Team Gnaa, Koopa Clan


The KND, Kong Family, World Government


End all diversity and make every creature the same


Hideout Helm



Good or Bad?


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Donkey Kong Country (1994)


King Kroctus RoolEdit

King K. Rool is the ruler of the Kremling Krew, one of the Four Pirate Emperors.

Kaptain Kruckers RoolEdit

Kaptain K. Rool is Kroctus's younger triplet, and second-in-command.

Baron Kolamitous RoolensteinEdit

Baron K. Roolenstein is the 3rd-in-command, the youngest Rool triplet, and the lead scientist.

Lord FredrikEdit

Lord Fredrik is a Division Kommander, a walrus, and the leader of the Snowmad Tribe from the North Pole. He leads the Arctic members of the Krew.

Army DilloEdit

Army Dillo is an armadillo, and the top marksman of the Krew.


Dogadon is a large dragonfly who is usually sent to handle aerial-based attacks.


Ineptune is a poison mermaid from Mermaid Swamp. She likely commands the sea creatures and possible merperson members of the Krew.

Yogi BearEdit

Yogi Bear was mentioned by Ineptune to be a commander. He likely leads the forest-type animals of the Krew.

Types of KremlingsEdit

These are the different Kremlings in Kroctus' Krew.

  • Kritter- the most typical Kremlings. They are tall green crocs with black pirate vests that simply run to bite or attack enemies.
  • Klump- fat, pink crocs with yellow shirts and green army helmets. They throw their body weight or throw Orange Grenades at enemies.
  • Kasplat- blue crocodiles that wear black jackets, sunglasses, and have various-colored hair. They are durable fighters who can make shockwaves.
  • Klaptraps- dog-like crocodiles who come in various colors: green ones can send their tongues and jaws to attack, blue ones are durable against average attacks, and red ones can grow in size.
  • Klobber- Kremlings who hide inside barrels. They charge at enemies to bump them around with their barrels.
    • Kabooms- red Klobbers who hide inside TNT barrels. They commit suicide by running at their enemies and exploding.
  • Kutlass- yellow and green crocs who wear pirate hats and wield dual swords.
  • Kannon- large, purplish-pink crocs who blast handheld cannons at enemies.


Hideout HelmEdit

Hideout Helm is the main headquarters of the Krew, a floating mechanical island ship that is designed like Kroctus. A spell is in place to make the ship appear smaller on the outside than it actually is inside.

Gangplank GalleonEdit

The Gangplank Galleon is the main pirate ship sailed by the Krew, the head of their fleet of ships.

Kastle KaosEdit

Kastle Kaos is Baron K. Rool's base of operations. It is set on a coast in South America.

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  • In the actual Donkey Kong series, it is debatable whether or not the three K. Rools are the same person or brothers (as noted by Smash Bros. Brawl).