Kraken Tentacles

The Kraken, attacking a ship.

The Kraken (originally from Pirates of the Caribbean and Clash of the Titans) is an ancient sea demon who serves Davy Jones, destroying ships at sea and dragging sailors down to Davy Jones' Locker.

Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

Davy Jones awakened this demon and destroyed the sea kingdom of Oceana in Operation: DUTCHMAN.
The Kraken (song)06:56

The Kraken (song)

Attack of the Kraken

When it began attacking KND ships, Sector V, and Eva and Kade went to go investigate, only to encounter Davy Jones. When the main group went on their journey, the Kraken attacked the Sweet Revenge sometime after they got the Fourth Talisman. He was later fought near the story's end when he attacked the Black Licorice sometime after they retrieved Davy Jones's heart. They were able to hold him off successfully, forcing him to reveal his true face. Eva Roberts was able to defeat the Kraken using her Phantom Sword, and the crew received the Gold Octopus Talisman.

The Kraken appears in Legend of the Eight Firstborn as the 3rd trial boss during the Test of Willpower. During The Scattered Realms, when Willard Wallace is fishing at Sector J, he is eaten by the Kraken.

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