The Koopa Train is a train used by Bowser Jr. and the Koopas to ship captured cargo, as well as Koopa soldiers. It is the 19th stage in Legend of the Eight Firstborn.

Koopa Train


Koopa Strikers, Chargin' Chucks, Bullet Bills, Bill Blasters, Boomerang Bros, Piranha Plants, Bandits, Shy Guys, Teen Ninjas, Six Gum Gang, Pokeys, Bullet Bros.


Team Forest, Junior Prospectors, the Eds.

Number of Acts:





Morton Koopa Jr.


Ape Escape 3 OST - Western Village (Part 1)06:48

Ape Escape 3 OST - Western Village (Part 1)

Chasin' the Train

The first part of the stage is simply Emily Matthews chasing the train in her ghost form and shooting at it. After a few hits, Bowser Jr. shoots her with the Fenton Crammer, depleting her ghost powers, but Chad gives her a Morpher Device, which she uses to become a cowgirl. The real stage then begins with them going through a canyon to chase the train. They first cut through an abandoned Western village, fighting Koopas. They then came to a rocky pathway where the train fired cannons above them, making boulders drop down. They passed by a gorge where Chucks rolled rocks at them, then arrived at a bridge with Chargin' Chucks and Chain Chomps. They crossed the bridge and reached another gorge where they had to fight Teen Ninjas. Afterwards, they slid down a rope into a mine, walking through to reach the train tracks, chasing the train across before reaching another gorge, with Bandits and Pokeys. They reached a wall that they had to sidle across, dodging fire from the train's cannons, then climb a rocky wall atop a ledge where they defeated a Chuckya. Across a chasm was a minecart that Big glided them over with his umbrella, going along the track and dodging the train's cannons some more. The act ends at the end of the minecart track between another gorge where they watch the train speed off.

Ape Escape 3 OST - Western Village (Part 2)06:13

Ape Escape 3 OST - Western Village (Part 2)

Boardin' the Train

Act 2 of the stage starts with the Junior Prospectors, who have previously stowed away on the train. They go across the train from cart to cart, avoiding the obstacles on each one before the cart released from the train and exploded. Meanwhile, Team Forest meets up with the Eds, who offer to let them ride their wagon (pulled by Ed) for 25 cents each. They pay up (except Big, who only gave them a bolt) and ride the carriage to chase after the train, dodging debris from the exploding carts, cannons, and battling Teen Ninjas and Six Gums. They also had to grind across a rail at one point. They finally made it onto the train, meeting up with the Junior Prospectors, then having to battle some Bullet Bros. When they beat the enemies, they go to confront Bowser Jr. and Morton Koopa.

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