Kool-aid Guy

Kool-aid Guy

The Kool-aid Guy (originally from Family Guy) is the mascot for the Kool-aid commercials, who is bound to burst through the wall of someone's house whenever that someone yells for Kool-Aid.


In the one-shot "Glasses", Kade asked if Eva got his Kool-Aid, and the Kool-aid Guy burst into Eva's room. He startled them, so he backed and ran away, then they chased after him with 2x4 weapons.

In the one-shot "Kade's Poem", Kade was out of Kool-Aid, so he called for the Kool-Aid Guy, who burst through his wall. Kade shot him with a S.C.A.M.P.P., spilling a waterfall of Kool-Aid, which he and Eva drank.

His latest appearance was "Wally's Late Gift", where Wally thought about giving Kool-Aid to Kuki as a present. He called for Kool-Aid Guy, so he came, but said that it was Christmas Eve, so he wasn't working.

In Operation: NECSUS, when MaKayla takes George back 20-plus years to the events of "Glasses", the two find the Kool-Aid Guy hiding outside Eva's house. They question his being there, distracting him from his cue to break into Eva's room. When the siblings decline his offer of "pouring his liquid into their mouth", he realizes he missed his cue and breaks into the room. With Eva and Kade already gone, the Guy steps out through the hole - tripping and shattering on the ground. He yells at George and Kayla in anger, so the siblings warp back to the present.

Purple Flurp GuyEdit

The Purple Flurp Guy is the mascot for the Purple Flurp Soda, and the Kool-Aid Guy's brother. Like his brother, he bursts through the wall of the house of the person that calls him, or says "Oh no". He first appeared in the one-shot "Kiss", after Sheila burped at Mason, to which he replied, "Oh no you didn't!", and the Purple Flurp Guy burst through. Sheila then punched a hole in him, spilling out his soda, which they drank.

Stories He's AppearedEdit

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