Kiara Rolland

"So... you're the Negative of my older brother?"

~ Kiara to Negative Numbuh 74.239 while being taken to prison.

Kiara Amanda Flora Roland (Numbuh 74.210) is the younger sister of Gabe Roland or Numbuh 74.239. She is extremely smart. She works in the Undersea Lab as a janitor, but wants to be higher up like her brother. Being a girl, the boy scientists bring her down, saying stuff like she can't do anything that requires being smart, although she is.

Kiara Roland


Gabe (brother)









I no it's not exactly right, but i wanted to try the ears. I think its pretty cool!

Kiara has long, red hair that curls at the end. For the longest time, she had to wear thick glasses over her blue eyes, but she finally got clear contacts. She is skinny and short, making her able to run fast.

She usually wears a light blue, V-neck shirt with a white skirt and light blue leggings. She also wears white boots that go to her knees.


She is very shy and lacks a great deal of self- confidence. Although, she is smart, she calls herself stupid becuase everyone else does. She let's people walk all over her. She is always Negative about anything and everything that happens to her. She finds something wrong with it.

Life in the KNDEdit

All the scientists, including her brother, have no faith that Kiara can do anything because she is a girl. She has low self esteem and often calls herself dumb and useless because of this. As of right now, she works as a janitor at the Undersea Lab, but she's hoping to get higher up.

Middle namesEdit

Her middle names have secret meanings that only her parents know.

Amanda is her surrogate mother's name. Mrs. Roland could not have any other children after Gabe and she wanted at least two. Kiara doesn't know she has a surrogate mother, but everyone else in her family does.

Flora is her mom's grandmother's name who is an alien from the planet, Moveos. She is unaware that she is part alien and that she inherited some alien features like abnormal ears. Her eyes are weirdly pointed at the top and has a slight blue shade at the top. Her hair, however, always covers them.

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