Khryssa is a psychicbending fox girl, who lived in Corneria, Coruscant, before being taken into GKND 10 years ago in Monty's time. She works for the Secret Organization of Metahuman Freedom as an adult.


Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

She made her first appearance in Monty's Galactic Days when she and Monty were insulted by Luvbi in the cafeteria, which resulted in Khryssa flinging her away with her psychic. She eventually joined Monty and the gang when they went to Planet Dagobah. Since then, she's told Monty about how psychicbending works and how people (namely Boba Fett) see them as evil.

She last appeared during the beginning of the Invasion of Irk, when she engaged Boba Fett in a battle, in which the bounty hunter shot her a few times and took her light saber. After pleading with him, the bounty hunter hesitated and struck the sword down, seemingly killing her. However, he actually didn't, and secretly took her to Planet Poké so Uxie could heal her injuries.

Firstborn SagaEdit

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Khryssa is revealed to be alive, and stops Boba before he continues trying to hurt The Quads. She reminds him of saving her all those years ago, and convinces Boba to remove his anti-psychic helmet. They, Star Wolf, and Team Mika team up to break into G.U.N. H.Q. to save the metahumans.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Shortly after Firstborn, Khryssa and Boba get married on Naboo and have a son named John Fett, who is a blue-furred fox.

Major BattlesEdit


Monty UnoEdit

Khryssa seems pretty good friends with Monty since they first met. She even hinted to have a small crush on him.


The two seem to be good friends and share an interest in fashion and swordplay.

Boba FettEdit

The young bounty hunter strongly hates Khryssa, due to her being a psychicbender. She tried to reason with him, and for that reason, Boba chose not to kill her, and was the first psychicbender he befriended. In the future, they get married.

John FettEdit

John is Khryssa's son in the future, a blue-furred fox who wields Boba's lightsabers (one of them originally Khryssa's).


Khryssa wears a white bellybutton shirt, white shorts, and black sandals. She has light-green skin, dark-green hair, black eyes, and is a fox.


Khryssa is a psychicbender. She can move things with her mind, change their size, and even see the future of others. Just as well, she wields a green lightsaber (formerly a blue one).

Stories She's Appeared InEdit


She is based off of Krystal from the Star Fox series.

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