Kevin Hall is a student who's devoted to helping students with bullies and tormentors, as he is a target for bullies as well. He and Derek Thomas (his friend and helper) use notes with advice and idems to help students anonymously. This mysterious student's name is 'D.I.'.

Kevin and Derek knows a trustworthy girl, Julie, who helps by giving notes to them by students who are too afraid.

Kevin speaks in a different way, he more than less speaks like the DCFDTL (because his parents raised him to speak that way).

How He and Derek HelpEdit

Kevin, who has to deal with bullying, has one day decided to help students with their bullying problems. So he and Derek, decided to take on mysterious appearances (Derek wears a black hoodie that covers his face) and help people out.

They send students notes and give them the notes through the students' lockers and the students gives them notes through their lockers. Julie helps by taking the notes from the students and giving them to the duo.


Kevin has brown hair that goes down to his ears, but does not cover his ears. His bangs are cut, but not like Brian Johnson's (The Delightfuls' keyboard player) and he has green eyes.


Kevin is very mysterious and secretive. He is also very nice, friendly, and helpful.

D.I.'s MysteryEdit

D.I. and his assistant are unknown to a lot of people at school. Faculty at the school are puzzled by the duo, and they are trying to catch them.

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