Planet Kateenia!

Planet Kateenia is a planet of teeny-tiny yellow aliens, called Kateenians. It is also the main retreat of Shrink Wisps and Cloak Wisps. The planet has a constitutional democracy, and is currently ruled by President Linkynidynkinwashi Iyptonocuo. It is the 4th world of Operation: GALACSIA and the second part of the Pride Wars stage in Operation: NECSUS.


Kweeb, Minksman, President Linkyn, Francis, Francis' mom, Bitesize Boys





Primary element:



100 years before the Nextgen Series, the Kateenian President and the Queen of Glomour got in a squabble in which the two insulted the other's race, causing both to go to war.

In Operation: GALACSIA, the Nerd King, Francis captured these Wisps and child Kateenians to give to The Tallest, but he was defeated by Nigel, Kweeb, and their friends.
Sweet Mountain - Act 1 - Sonic Colors Music Extended30:00

Sweet Mountain - Act 1 - Sonic Colors Music Extended

Kateenia Canyon

In The Great Galactic Race, most of the racers had to shrink down to tiny size in order to get through the portal that led to here. Some of them, namely villains, just followed after Grandfather in his Demon Train, going through his own portal.

In Operation: NECSUS, when Emperor Tachyon rose to power, he sent Drophyd troops to both the Kateenian and Glomourians' sides to help aid them, all so Tachyon could eventually destroy them.


Kateenia CanyonEdit

Kateenia Canyon is the 8th stage of Operation: GALACSIA. The GKND ops make their way through here upon landing on Kateenia.

Forbidden SewersEdit

The Forbidden Sewers is a sewer system beneath Fort Francis, and is the 9th stage of Operation: GALACSIA. After Nigel and Kweeb escape from Francis, they make their way through these sewers.

Fort FrancisEdit

Super Paper Mario Music-Fort Francis02:32

Super Paper Mario Music-Fort Francis

Fort Francis Theme

A base was built by the Almighty Tallest and sold to the Nerd King, Francis. It is home to Francis, his catbots, and his mother. Francis keeps many valuables of KND, and some other franchises, such as Power Rangers Samurai. It is the 4th dungeon, and 10th stage, of Operation: GALACSIA.



The main inhabitants of Planet Kateenia are a race of very tiny aliens, known simply as Kateenians. Despite their small stature, the Kateenians are one of the proudest races in the universe, as they go by the belief that size doesn't matter. Controversially, many other races see the Kateenians as inferior, often referring them as bugs. For many beings, such as Scarlet and Lehcar, Kateenians are thought of to be rather tasty beings, and some people like to capture Kateenians to cook for their meals.



  • Kateenia is yellow-colored while Glomour is purple, the same colors as Light and Darkness, referencing their war.
    • This implies Kateenia is the "Good Side".

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