Kailyn around 14-15

Kailyn Johnson is an OC of Really Big Hat's.
Kailyn Johnson


No information


Depends on the story. She usually varies from 11-16.


Depends on the story. Usually average height.




Cleveland, Ohio


August 15, 1993


No information

Hair color


Eye color


Kailyn Johnson (cont.)

Profession/Position in the KND

Ice Cream Tester in the Arctic Base.


Arctic Prision/Training Base


Numbuh 270 Cosmo, Nova, Comet, Angela, and Talia! I love my little aliens! ^.^ 16:37, August 8, 2011 (UTC)


Alysia and Billy Johnson


Billy Jr.

Love Interest

J.T. (as a kid) None (as a teenager)


None at the moment


None at the moment


A gecko


Elizabeth GonzalezEdit

Elizabeth and Kailyn have been best friends ever since they met in Kindergarten where they sat next to each other at their tables. Ever since the two have been very close best friends and hang out together in and outside of the KND.

Emily MatthewsEdit

Emily met one year in second grade (well, Emily was in 3rd because she's one year older) on the bus playing ABC Improve. After that, they gained a quick friendship (along with Elizabeth) and they do everything together and hang out in and outside of the KND (along with Elizabeth).

Garietta the GeckoEdit

Kailyn got Garietta when she was 12 years old, naming her Gary, only to find out three days later that she was a girl, so she renamed her Garietta. The two have a very close bounding (one of which that Garietta likes to climb into Kailyn's shirt sleeve and pockets) and likes to be taken everywhere with Kailyn.


Kailyn has messy black hair (in the KND in long piggy-tails) with shaggy bangs and dark skin.

As a KND operative down at the Arctic Base, she usually wears an orange hate with a dark purple winter jacket, a light blue scarf, thick, black pants, with pink gloves and brown boots. Outside of the KND, Kailyn wears a flowy, purple shirt with a black blouse and black knee shorts and black tennis shoes. As a teenager, Kailyn's hair gets longer and she doesn't put them in their piggy-tails with a fluffy orange ear hat with strings with blue fuzzy balls on the ends with a purple blouse and black shorts with a black tanktop underneath her shirt.


Kailyn's insane and crazy, yet the most calm and sane one out of her friends. She loves adventure and action, but hates extreme romance (like, kissing and such) and finds it gross. Even though she's described as insane, Kailyn actually loves science and school and gets good grades.


Kailyn is based off of her creator's best friend, Kailyn.

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