Delightful Enemy Likes Impossible Girl Hidden Terrifically From Unusual Liker

KND Operation: DELIGHTFUL is the first Kids Next Door story published by Numbuh 6.13 on It was published on August 20, 2011. Operation: DELIGHTFUL has many one-shots that connect somewhat to its plot, but the one-shots are mostly for contest purposes only, and do not affect the storyline.

The only one-shot that is vaguely related to the story is "Moments of Love".

As of October 6, Operation: DELIGHTFUL has nine chapters. It is now discontinued.


As of recently, Numbuh 362 aka Rachel McKenzie has implemented a new order, which is to have a foreign operative stay at another sector's treehouse for a few weeks and help in defeating the adults in their area. But the problem is, the operative likes a Delightful, and the Delightful likes her back! It's quite difficult to process for Sector V, but once all of the girls the boys adore disappear one night, they will fight to get them back. And maybe, they'll discover that the two are meant to be.


Luna/Bruce, 2/5, 3/4, 86/60, 1/362, Sam/60 (one-sided), 2/Ria (one-sided), Blythe/Andrei (hint), Raissa/Numbuh 44a, Riana/Numbuh 44b, David/Ashley, Ogie/Lenny


  • Sector C Treehouse
  • Sector M Treehouse
  • Sector D Treehouse
  • Sector J Treehouse
  • Enmity Park
  • Gallagher Ocean Park
  • Rizal Park

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