Jungle Hijinx (originally from Donkey Kong Country) is a jungle-themed level that is Ava, Kweeb, and Kami's first level in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, and the 5th stage in the story.

Jungle Hijinx


Kritters, Klumps, Zingers, Army Dillo, Neeks, Gnawtys


Kami, Ava, Kweeb, Donkey and Diddy Kong

Number of Acts:





Tiki Island

Jungle Hijinx Stage Theme:


For the first part of the level, Ava, Kami, and Kweeb had to fight their way through various Kremlings, with the help of the Kong Family members. Afterwards, they shot their way through a Barrel Cannon canyon of midair cannons. The last cannon landed them on Rambi the Rhino, who they had to ride through an obstacle course. After Rambi jumped over a river, they fell off, but were caught in Squawks the Parrot's talons. He dropped them shortly after, allowing them to land on Enguarde the Swordfish, who they rode over the river. When they reached the waterfall, they had to shoot through another series if barrel cannons. At the stage's end, there was an armadillo, called Army Dillo, guarding the cave entrance. Ava and Kami shot past him from their cannon, while the Kong Family squeezed in and fired alongside Kweeb, taking out the armadillo. They landed on the other side where they found Dixie Kong trapped in a cage. Ava cut her free, and the stage ended.

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