She's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Not just on the outside, but on the inside also. She just has this light aura around her, making everybody she's around happy. She doesn't let hardly anything bring her down… unless, of course you mess with her rainbow monkeys. She doesn't notice that I watch her from afar, or notice that when I say her name, I say it with meaning. She doesn't notice that when I greet the gang, that it's directed towards her. She doesn't notice that I got into rainbow monkeys for her. She doesn't notice that I doodle her name in my notebooks. She doesn't notice how much I love her. She doesn't notice that I would go to the ends of the Earth, just to make her happy. She doesn't notice me.

"…Nigel…?" I lifted my head up from the clouds and stared at her. Her beautiful violet eyes stared at me with concern.

"What?" I asked, taking in all of her beauty.

"Well, Abby's busy, Hoagie's at a family reunin and Wally said no, so, would you like to go see the new Rainbow Monkey Movie with me? Pretty please?"

At first I felt like denying it, but then I nodded. "Sure Kuki, I would love to."

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