Intro - Drawn the painted tower OST02:18

Intro - Drawn the painted tower OST

Iris's Theme

Iris Anne Havendish (originally from Bigfish's Drawn series) is a young 12 year old princess in the computer game series Drawn. She is mentioned as the castle artist in the multichapter story, Yin and the Dragon, by Numbuh 6.13, where she was turned into a paintbrush. She is not seen afterwards, but is one of many castle servants who turn back into humans.


In the Drawn series, Iris is a blue eyed, ebony haired young princess, but in the KND universe of Numbuh 6.13, she is an ebony haired 12 year old princess with violet eyes like those of Kuki Sanban. She is usually seen wearing a white dress, with long sleeves, and the skirt is parted in the middle by a split. A red scarf is her trademark clothing.


Iris is a gentle young girl, having been raised by a good king and queen in Utah, before the evil king supposedly killed them. After that, her personality was a bit mellowed down, and usually gloomy. Sometime after Drawn: The Painted Tower, Iris grew more hopeful, and her mood wasn't gloomy all the time.

In the KND Universe, Iris is a mature young girl who had seen a lot of the world's disasters, and is usually the voice of reason within a group.


Iris is a gifted artist, and naturally, is a gifted painter as well. However, Iris is a special girl, coming from a special family. Everyone in her family can paint very well, and, surprisingly, their paintings come to life by their paintbrush's strokes.

Iris's specialty is medieval scenes, and as such, created storybook characters that come to life and exit the paintings. This usually causes trouble because she paints fully grown dragons a lot of times.

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