"Icipede: ATTACK! ...NO, ICIPEDE!"

-The Ice King, when Icipede chewed on his head.

The Icipede (originally from Adventure Time With Finn & Jake) is a giant centipede made entirely out of ice. It served as the Planet Glacia boss in Operation: GALACSIA. The Ice King rode on top of him, so he could attack the main group from his head. Nigel used Spike Wisps to walk along his slippery form to attack the Ice King, and used Flame Wisps to melt his parts off. In the end, Nigel used a Super Flame to destroy the Icipede's head, releasing the Light Blue Star it was holding.
The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Music - Boss Battle Fraaz03:09

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Music - Boss Battle Fraaz

Icipede, ATTACK!

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