Ice King

Ice King

"I have to go potty in the bathroom."

-Ice King.

The Ice King (originally from Adventure Time With Finn & Jake) is the self-proclaimed ruler of Planet Glacia, who has a strong, perverted desire for princesses, such as Luvbi.

Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

He was the keeper of the Light Blue Star in Operation: GALACSIA, where he resided in the Ice Palace. When the main group broke into his chamber, he sent his Icipede monster after the group. The Icipede was destroyed and Ice King's beard (which he used to fly) was cut off by Ava. When Star Wolf broke into the chamber to retrieve the Star, the Ice King tried to defend it, but was suddenly eaten by Rattlesnake Jake. He never even got to use the bathroom...


Ice King wears a dark blue robe and a golden crown with red jewels. He has light blue skin and a long, white beard that he uses to fly.


As his name implies, the Ice King is an icebender. He can control ice, and can also flap his beard like wings in order to fly.

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