This is the hormone powder, once released from its combined state it can blend in with its surroundings.

The Hormone Powder was an invention created by Father and the Delightful Children to get rid of the TND operatives.


The powder first made its appearance in Chapter 3 of Wallabee Reversed.

It also made an appearance in "How it happened" explaining how Lili Beatles got pregnant by James Uno. The hormone powder currently resides in the lowest level of Moonbase kept in cold tempetures. Lili is one of the few Moonbase scientists who experiment on the hormone powder in hopes to find a cure if the villains decide to attack with it again.

Appearance Edit

It has a pink color to it but it has the ability to blend in with its surroundings. The hormone powder works when it is exposed to heat or fire, as seen in both stories.


The Hormone Powder has caused a vast amount of TND operatives to get pregnant at two different times. Once to Sector V plus Rachel, Patton, and Fanny. Then two years later to other operatives who were helping defend Moonbase when it went under attack by a mob of villains led by Father.

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