Henry is a timebending spirit that claims to be Rachel's guardian angel. He seems to have a craving for cookies most of the time, and also likes to use cookies for symbolism.


In Zuzu's Petals, he granted Rachel's wish of never becoming Supreme Leader, completely changing the course of history so that such a thing never happens. At first, Rachel thought it was a trick, but was convinced eventually. So far, it seemed a good wish to her, but Henry has been trying to help her see what was missing. He granted a couple other wishes for Rachel along the way, such as a need for action. Eventually, Rachel realized Nigel Uno died in this new timeline, and was furious at Henry, demanding he change everything back, and he did. Afterwards, a Moonbase janitor complained about his job, and Henry appeared for him, assumably going to take him on a life-changing experience.

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