Galaxia Nigel is the super form Nigel becomes when he's absorbed the Golden Light Wisp and gained the Galaxia Sword. He used this super form in his final showdown against Nega Dimentia, and fought alongside the Nightmare King in Operation: GALACSIA.

Nigel also became this super form at the end of the Bonus Showdown in Truth or Dare: KND Plus Others, in order to vanquish the Voldemort Clone.

Galaxia Nigel makes another return in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, as lots of the heroes become super in order to take on Arceus.


Galaxia Nigel has mostly the same outfit as regular Nigel, except he wears Jirachi's golden cape, only not cut in half. He also wields the Galaxia Sword and emits a bright glow.

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