"Sector AA reporting for duty, sir."

-Corrie to the Supreme Leader

Sector AA is a KND/TND sector located in Virginia. It consists of Numbuhs 602, 605, 604, 603 and 601. Sector AA has always been known as "The Best Sector Ever Known" because the operatives rarely have trouble completing the harder missions.


Numbuh 602Edit

Numbuh 602 (Caelem Berenson) is the daring and adventurous 2x4 tehnologist and pilot of Sector AA.

Numbuh 605Edit

Numbuh 605 (Collin Berenson) is the fierce and daring second in command, stealth tactical officer and information acquirement of Sector AA.

Numbuh 604Edit

Numbuh 604 (Devan Berenson) is the hand to hand combat specialist and weapons console of Sector AA. He later becomes a traitor to the KND just like his father.

Numbuh 603Edit

Numbuh 603 (Alexis Berenson) is the confident and charming medical specialist and divisionary tactics expert of Sector AA,

Numbuh 601Edit

Numbuh 601 (Corrie Berenson) is the clever and fierce sector leader of Sector AA.

Former OperativesEdit

Justin Greene/Numbuh 6C

Mary Greene/Numbuh 6D

Honorary OperativesEdit

Ana Greene/Numbuh 6A

Hailey Johnson/Numbuh 6B

Michael Johnson/Numbuh 6E

Former LeadersEdit

Numbuh 6A (decommisioned)

Numbuh 601 (current)

Other OperativesEdit

Numbuh 7.0Edit

Numbuh 7.0 (Travis Mitchell) is the clever and mysterious spy for Moonbase.


The Sector AA treehouse is located in Virginia. It is different from all the other treehouses because Ana still adds technology and other things from Japan. It has five huge rooms that each operative has their own room decorated to their liking. It sorta looks like Sector IC's treehouse, but looks more like a Japanese treehouse.


The future Sector AA's treehouse location is still unknown. It depends upon the story, location and time it took place.

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