Tuesday ITS FLUFF DAY! Woot! Woot! Well, I do hope you enjoy this, since it did take me a while to figure it out and I was inspired while in Mrs. Chow's class, which is really my Art teacher but she's Mrs. Chow in disguise! I really don't know how I got this idea though my table has really weird conversations so thats probably how.

"EKK!" Kuki screamed as a huge spider crawled in front of her and Wally. They were at the schools hunted house that they do every year.

Kuki looked at Wally and they broke down into laughter as they walked along the hall to the next and last area, which was a classmate hanging from a noose.

"Your next, my pretty!" said a witch in a high cackley voice. Her face was painted green and had a long hook nose similar to that of Severus Snape.

"Oh no you don't!" Wally shouted as he picked up Kuki bridal style and ran out the exit into the cool October air.

Wally walked out into the grass, Kuki still in his arms.

"Wally." Kuki said in a chided tone. "The witch isn't around, you can put me down." she said, her arms still hooked around his neck.

"I know, I just like holding you." he replied. It was true, he could never get over the fact that she was as light as a feather despite how much she would eat.

He stopped in the middle of the soccer field. He set Kuki down on the overgrown grass, holding her hand.

Without warning, Wally fell back, bringing Kuki with him.

"WALLY!" she screeched as gravity pulled her to the ground.

Wally let out a bark-like laugh as he looked towards the sky.

"You see those three stars in a line?" Wally asked taking Kuki's hand and pointing to the said three stars.

"Yea, I see them." she said.

"That's Orions belt." he replied.

"And if you follow the belt upwards," he said, moving her finger upwards, "You'll find Gemini, the two brothers. See, they look like stick figures almost." he said, as he traced the outline of the constellation.

"Since when did you get so astronomy savvy?" Kuki asked giggling.

"Since you fell from the stars and came to me." Wally said cheeseily.

"Wally..." Kuki said, her words being cut off when Wally's lips went onto hers.

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