Fountain of Dreams

Fountain of Dreams

The Fountain of Dreams (originally from Kirby) is a mystical fountain that lies in the Star Sanctuary. It produces Dream Water, which gives life to Galaxia, but mainly Planet Wisp. Sitting in the pedestal of this fountain is the Star Rod, which absorbs the wishes of children and allows the fountain to flow. But eons ago, when the Star Rod was destroyed by the Star Spirits to protect Jirachi, the fountain stopped.

When Dimentia discovered Jirachi, she brought him back to the fountain and used the tiny bit of flow that was left to stay a kid for many years. When Dimentia started the Galactic Kids Next Door, she allowed her fellow operatives, such as Ava and Kweeb, to drink from the fountain and keep their eternal youths. Secretly, as Dimentia was pulling operatives from their planets, the misery that came from their friends and family caused negative energy to appear in the fountain, and the Wisps that drank from it turned into monsters. After Dimentia was defeated, the fountain was returned to its regular flow with positive energy.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, The Brain stole water from the fountain to fill his chemical tub, then used Jirachi to power the water and restore himself to his child form, Revan Bane Sidious.

In Viridi's Last Stand, sometime before the War on Flora, Nebula D. Winkiebottom came to this fountain to rest.

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Its properties are similar to the Fountain of Youth, only a spirit's energy is required to make it give life force.