The Forest of Light is a forest filled with light and life. It is the resting place of the Firstborn Spirit, Celebi, Spirit of the Forest. It is the 8th level in Legend of the Eight Firstborn.

Forest of Light


Celebi, Beedrill, Caterpie, Ursarings, Plank Troops, Moskito


Emily, Annie, Cosmo, Nova

Number of Acts:







Super Mario Kitiku - Forest Maze Theme05:06

Super Mario Kitiku - Forest Maze Theme

The Forest of Peace

In Act 1 of the stage, Emily and Annie follow a mysterious girl (Misty Greene) who stole the Cosmo Plant. She scampers and jumps through the trees as the two follow her. Along their way, they have to fight Ursarings and bug Pokemon. They climb a tree and Emily goes ghost and carries Annie through a swarm of Beedrill. They then come to a maze where the trees have different colored flowers and they have to follow the butterflies that match that color. After getting through, they arrive at a huge tree, which they have to climb and make their way upwards. Near the end, they encounter a large mosquito, Moskito, and do a small battle with him. Finally, they reach the top to watch as Celebi brings Cosmo the Plant back to life.

Act 2 of the level is when Celebi is kidnapped by the Toxic Four, Dani, Nolan, and April, then taken from them by Johnny and Plank 2x4. Cosmo and Nova ride Moskito, while Emily goes ghost and carries Annie, and chase after their ship, dodging several trees and Plank Troops. At the end, they're flying over the sea, where the ship tries to shoot them. Moskito sucks in Plank Troops and shoots back, and the ship flies back to the Peach Creek cul-de-sac.

Forest of Light Act 2:

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