Fearbending is the power to bend fears, created by Darkrai I. Fear is the Element of Conflicting Emotions. When fearbenders feel great fear, they are able to let it out and control it in their own physical way.


Color of chi:




Primary force point:

The lungs


Darkrai I

Origin realm:

Nightmare Land



Fearbending is actually a sub-form of emotionbending, but fearbenders are more common than pure emotionbenders.

Fearbending TechniquesEdit

Fear ScreamEdit

Fear Scream is the most common fearbending attack. When the bender screams in fear, they unleash a dark red aura that deafens enemies and shatters glass.

Fear SphereEdit

Fear Sphere is the ability to channel your fear into an energy ball and throw it, so it homes in on enemies.

Dark VoidEdit

Dark Void is the power to put people to sleep and give them a nightmare. The Nightmare King is the primary one to use this power, although anyone can.

Scare StareEdit

Scare Stare is the power to look into one's eyes and sense their fear, making them afraid. This seems to be the favorite power of Mandy McKenzie.

Living NightmaresEdit

The Nightmare Kings use the Fear Energy collected from peoples' nightmares and bring to life an artificial race of Nightmare monsters. These monsters are made of Star Dust and whatever other sources the kings collected.


Emotionbending is the parent element of fearbending, but because it is a powerful and deadly element form, pure emotionbenders are extremely rare and chosen carefully. Emotions were created by the Firstborn, Mesprit.

Known FearbendersEdit


Fear ChiEdit

Fear Chi is colored dark-red, and is focused in the lungs. This is because fear is associated with screaming, and a strong set of lungs is required to scream loudly.

Other TraitsEdit

Naturally, fearbenders would try to control people with fear, or be very afraid their selves about something.


A fearbender's weakness is if the person they use it against has conquered their fear, therefore the power may be ineffective. Also, it's believed that, if someone lost their emotion thanks to Mesprit's curse, they would therefore lose their Fear, and therefore their fearbending. Just as well, Sonya and April's emotionbending could be used to manipulate someone to lose their fear.

Otherwise, fearbenders are weak against chi-blocking. Physical chi-blocks to the neck are effective.

Fear ToxinEdit

Fear Toxin, known also as Nightmare/Fear Substance, Fear Juice, etc., is a physical, liquid form of Fear, created by Darkrai I and Darkrai II. Someone who touches this material will be heavily influenced and forced to live their worst nightmares. The aforementioned spirits use this toxin, mixed with Star Dust, to create their Nightmare creatures. Also, Viridi mixes this material with her own chloro substance to create her Forces of Nature.


Yellow FearEdit

Yellow Fear is a horrible, unholy concentration of Fear Energy, mixed with demonic magic. Yellow Fear was created by Darkrai I, but much too powerful for his control, as he used it to create the monster, Parallax, who then cursed the Vaporians with Vaporia with its power. People who touch the Yellow Fear may either die or turn into savage creatures as a result.

Stories It's AppearedEdit