Emperor Irk was the very first Tallest of Planet Irk and was the leader of the adults who took over Planet Wisp, renaming it Planet Irk.


In Operation: GALACSIA's prologue, Irk tried capturing Jirachi to use him to spread adult tyranny throughout the universe, only to end up failing when the Star Spirits broke the Star Rod into Seven Pieces. He was the adult to start the war for adult tyranny, which lasted for millions of years across the universe. Eventually, Irk passed away, and a successor took his place.

In Fairy Sisters, Emperor Irk was revived as an Inferius by Zeref, and was elected to be a commander of Inferi.


Like all Irkens, Irk has light-green skin and two black antennae. He has bulbous black eyes and zipper-like teeth. He is very buff and wears black and white armor. He had to cut off his thumbs upon becoming Tallest, so he has two fingers on each hand. He wields a golden scepter with the Irken crest.

Stories He's AppearedEdit


  • Emperor Irk was actually the first OC of Gamewizard's introduced in his series.

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