The Egg Replicon is an invention created by Dr. Eggman to make clones of Voldemort, Sentinel Prime, and Emperor Palpatine. It is stationed inside his Main Control Golden Death Egg and will serve as the boss of Operation: DEATH-EGG. While mainly used to make these clones, it also serves as the Control Death Egg's main core.

Egg Replicon Boss Theme


The Egg Replicon is a complicated machine. While the base is golden, the whole machine room is red. The whole thing is circular shaped, with several floating platforms drifting around it, serving as footholds for the heroes. It also has many treadmills coming out of it, which is where his clones spawn. There are also small cracks going around the machine, which is where spinning chainsaws come out and try to attack the heroes. It is also packed with lasers, giant hammers, and all sorts of deadly weapons. At the top of the machine is its weakpoint, Eggman's cockpit, where he controls it.