"I'm waiting for an opening" - Edward to Nolan as they watch Teen Tornado fight Mario and Dillon.

Edward Flores (Numbuh 112) was an original member of Sector Q and was the diversion specialist before being decommissioned.


Edward appears in Sixth Age, his character being fleshed out more than in his appearence in 'Crutch'. Edward appears to be the most quiet and stable of the joint sector team, most likely to balance out Koda and Dillon's insane methods.

In the story Crutch Edward and the rest of Sector Q engaged Teen Tornado, who was terrorizing various kids. Numbuh 1772 ordered Edward and Numbuh 414 to attack Teen Tornado, resulting with the two operatives being flung in different directions. While Numbuh 414 was lodged into a trash can, Edward was thrown into a nearby tree. Edward then met Nolan York who a bit earlier was blasted into the tree. The duo then watched as Mario and Dillon were tossed around like ragdolls. Nolan then asked Edward if they should help the operatives, which Edward responded with him needing an "opening".

Nolan then volunteered to give him the openeing he needed. As Nolan distracted Teen Tornado, Mario ordered Edward to finish the fight. After calibrating his gauntlets, Edward leapt down and created a shock wave that sent Teen Tornado flying. After Tornado was hauled away, Edward participated in cleaning up the park and eventually became friends with Nolan.

A few days later Edward turned thirteen and was decommissioned by Numbuh 501. Before his decommissioning, Edward gave his gauntlets to Nolan as a gift. A few days later Edward was recruited by the Teen Ninjas.


Nolan YorkEdit

Edward seemed to have a friendship with Nolan. Before his decommissioning, Edward entrusted his personal 2x4 gauntlets to Nolan.

Mario RamseyEdit

Edward and Mario were good friends.


  • During his time in the KND, Edward had recorded every mission on his glasses onboard camera, indirectly giving Nolan a video training manual.
  • Out of all of the original Sector Q members, Edward is given the second to least ammount of back story.

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