Planet Earth is the home planet of the Earth Kids Next Door, and the planet where the majority of the Kids Next Door's events take place.


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Earth was the resting place of the Seventh Star and the 8th world in Operation: GALACSIA. The Tallest discovered the Seventh Star was here and scheduled a massive invasion, using all their forces from the many other planets in that story. Nigel Uno and the rest of his new team flew to this planet to help the Earth KND fight off the invasion force, and Nigel was able to reunite with his old friends again.

History With the GodsEdit

In the olden days, the gods lived on the individual planets of Galaxia, as Earth was still a planet in the making. The gods, Kyogre and Groudon, engaged in an epic clash that ended up creating the oceans and continents with their power. Many of the gods proceeded to move to the planet, within many environments of their respective elements. The Earth's tectonic plates were moved and manipulated by Groudon and Regigigas, gods of Magma and Earth, and they are responsible for how the Earth currently looks. Also, the seasons on Earth, from Summer to Winter to Summer, are controlled by the Sun and Snow Gods, Solaris and Polaris.