Dr. Dream is a villain in the Out of Mind universe set to appear in "Out of Mind". Dr. Dream was a former university head master at one of the worlds most prestigious universities. He maintained order in his school through ankle shock colars. One day, the current Father of the USNA, Benedict Uno, visited the university to bestow the school an award only to find Dr. Dream's unethical means of keeping order. After being fired from his job, Dr. Dream developed a machine enabling him to enter others dreams and cause them to strife through their worst fears. Dr. Dream resolved to make Benedict's life miserable by targeting his kids organization, the Delightful Children.

KND: UniverseEdit

Dr. Dream appears as a villain working for Benedict Uno in the KND: Universe in the story 'KND: Passive Tendencies. Here, Dr. Dream is depicted possessing the Gem of Dreams, using it to enter The Sandman's dreams in order to discover his identity. Dr. Dream is eventually dispelled from Sandman's dreams by Morpheus, the god of dreams, and the Gem of Dreams taken away. Dr. Dream was last seen brain dead.

Dr. Dream makes a cameo in KND: Galactic Endgame, where Morpheus has him placed in a cage amongst other beings who have crossed him.

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