Dib Membrane

Dib Membrane

Dib Membrane (originally from Invader Zim) is a big-headed boy genius, who dedicates his life to studying paranormal activity, as well as capturing Invader Zim.


Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

In Operation: GALACSIA, he followed Zim into space and was captured by Star Wolf and sold on Planet Secco, where Nigel and Ava rescued him and became friends. After begging Dimentia to stay at the base, she agreed, and Dib accompanied them for the rest of the journey (but only until he catches Zim). Secretly, Dib placed a tracking device on Zim's ship when they left Earth, and used it to track him, but Zim found out and destroyed it, so they had to find him on their own. While relaxing with Nigel and the gang on Aquaria, Dib revealed he put another tracking device on Zim's ship, but didn't go looking for him because he liked hanging out with the GKND and didn't wanna go back to Earth. He told Nigel that he never had any friends on Earth, but Nigel told him that he would make a great operative.

Following the story's end, Dib became a KND operative, Numbuh 6.6.

In Operation: DUTCHMAN, Dib, Violet, and some Decommission Troops were sailing in the Bermuda Triangle to investigate lost KND ships, when theirs is attacked by the Kraken. Dib is spared the wrath of Davy Jones, and when he and Sector V return to Los Angeles, rescued by the Stickybeard Pirates, Dib refuses to go on this crazy adventure and takes a taxi home.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

In the future, Dib marries Tak, and has a son named Graab Membrane, cousin of Imperator Giz, who is Supreme Irken KND Leader.


Dib has a fairly large head, and wears big round glasses, and black hair with a strip that sticks up in the front, and is bent back. He wears a black jacket with a blue shirt underneath which has a gray frowny face. He also wears black pants and black shoes.

When going swimming, he wears dim blue swimshorts with black edges and thin black lines going down.

Stories He's AppearedEdit