Derek Thomas is Kevin Hall's (or known as the mysterious D.I. by the school) friend and helper. Not much is known about Derek as D.I.'s assistant, but he is known as a loner when not working with Kevin.

Derek is like Kevin somewhat, but lacks some of the friendliness that he has.

How He Helps D.I.Edit

Students put notes in his locker and he will deliever them to D.I., but they also have an option of doing it through another method: giving the notes to Julie (VK-Iris-Kiryu's OC)


Derek has short black hair and blue eyes. When working, he wears a black hoodie that covers his face. He has pale skin and usually wears a serious face, also he hardly smiles.


He is characterized by mysterious and secretive (like Kevin), also polite (like Grace Davis,The Delightfuls (Rock Band) drummer). He is misunderstood, serious, nice, and helpful. He can be seen as emotionless by his classmates, as he hardly shows an emotion other than seriousness. The fact that he hardly smiles does not help either. He doesn't care about what people think of him.

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