"Oh, he's spicy, I'll give him that."

Dale Powerson is a member of a poor family. He has few skills, is extremely shy and has no experience in anything. However, when an alien formula is injected into his DNA, he gains new abilities. However, the alien formula starts to do weird things to his brain and turn him into a dark sinister person.

Beginning as a CreationEdit

All of Dale's family members were mysteriously killed by an unknown source. He decided the best way to make himself useful was to join the army. After being rejected permission to join, Father appeared and offered Dale the opportunity to be part of his team.

Dale was taken to a lab where he was strapped onto a bed. Father ordered his scientist, Dally Chickin, to make him into an impenetrable force that would have no care for anyone.

Dally nervously took an alien and curry chicken formula and combined them together. The formula was then injected into Dale. Dale fell into a deep sleep for hours.

Dally and Father had assumed him to be dead. However, Dale awoke from the bed and accidentally broke the straps in his new found strength.

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