Crutch is the first story in Depthcharge2030's 2030 trilogy. The story follows main protagonist, Nolan York, after moving to Quahog, Rhode Island. Crutch had a theme where at the beginning of every chapter the last journal entry of the original Sector Q members would be present. Crutch takes place three years before the start of the TV show. Crutch's theme song is: "What We Don't Know" by Linkin Park.

Crutch (Cover)




Nolan York

Teen Tornado

Numbuh 1772

Numbuh 414

Numbuh 112 (Q)

Prom Queen

Numbuh 5CC

Numbu 59

Numbuh 100

Numbuh 501


* It never seemed to mater. You heard stories about it, but you never thought twice about it. It seemed so far off you completely forgot about it. You live your childhood defending all of kid kind from bullies, adults, and teenagers. Then you are suddenly brought back to the reality of life. And that reality is…

You can't stay a kid forever.(Numbub 378)

* No matter what you do…no matter what you've done…you can't stop time. For as long as I remember it was just me and my friends fighting for the greater good of all kid kind…and now I am repaid for my services by getting my memories erased…I just got to say…

Life sucks…'(Numbuh 134')

* I still don't know why Numbuh 378 had us write these…but I know why we still write them. Out of respect for Dillon's sister I sit here writing my decommissioning note. I have lived my wildest dreams, I have been in space, I have fought the worst of the worst, and I even got to ride a moose. I can only say one thing…

These were the best years of my life.(Numbuh 112)

  • It wasn't like we were given a choice… we signed up to help kids…not leave them in the hands of some psycho, prom obsessed, pink wearing cretin. We gave our best and we saved the Nolan…

but at the cost of my memories.(Numbuh 1772)

  • As much as I'd like to skip out on this thing…it wouldn't be fair to them would it? I know what's going to happen…and I'm not looking forward to it. But you know that saying 'act your age'?

That saying can go to hell.(Numbuh 414)


  • Dillon is apparently decommissioned at the end of the Crutch, however, in Gamewizard2008's story "Another Friend Lost", it is revealed Dillon is a teen operative and never had his memories erased.
  • Crutch is one of the few stories to use villains who were mentioned and briefly appeared on the show (Prom Queen and Teen Tornado).
  • Cut content from "Crutch" included: Prom Queen being Dillon's sister, Teen Tornado being a part of an elite team of super powered Teens, and Edward's decommissioning appearing in a flashback.

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