"I-I may b-be a l-little too p-paranoid... but I'll give it my all." - Corey Sanderson.

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Corey Sanderson

Corey Sanderson (Numbuh 10.01) was the demolition specialist in the Prospectors. He is from Sector T. He was mocked by his teammates for being to paranoid during combat. The verbal abuse from his teammates would lead Corey to join the Prospectors without a second thought.


He appeared in the story "Prospector", although unnamed. He later reappears in the story "Ethics", greeting Nolan on his return to the Prospectors. Here, Corey is shown to be less paranoid. Corey is later killed by Figure when he cuts open his throat. Nolan later told Corey's parents about his death.

Near the end of Nolan's story arc in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, Nolan is greeted by the spirits of Corey and Dillon when Nolan goes to visit Dillon's grave.

In Legend of the Seven Lights, Corey, Dillon, and Koda are revived during the Grand Inferius, forced to fight Nolan, Yuki, and Crystal Wickens.

KND: UniverseEdit

Corey appears in KND: Prospectors, where its revealed he's been seeing the KND psychologist because of his paranoia.

Corey appears in 'KND: Civil War', after the KND split apart, siding with neither Patton or Fanny, Corey and the rest of the Prospectors remained with the KND. Due to their low numbers, Corey and the rest of the Prospectors were forced to run the Moon Base in Rachel's absence as she and the members of Sectors V and W tried to end the civil war peacefully.

After repelling invading Teen forces, Corey and the rest of the Prospectors faced Numbuh 99 and his team, all of whom had sided with Fanny. Corey was knocked out by Numbuh 59, leaving the Paranoid Commando unable to assist when the Delightful Children 2.0 invaded the Moonbase.

Years later, in KND: Galactic Endgame, Corey's current status has been briefly alluded to, and leaving fellow teammates Josh and William silent.

Stories He's AppearedEdit


KND: UniverseEdit


  • Corey's Numbuh, 10.01, was chosen because it resembled someone who is freaking out.

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