"I want pancakes!"

-Lulu to her mother, Olivia

Columbine "Lulu" Ravenhearst Whitby (Numbuh 4.5) is the 9-year-old daughter of Olivia Ravenhearst and Leonard Whitby in Numbuh 6.13's and Gamewizard's universe. She is the 4x4 Technology Officer and Chef of Future Sector RZ. Her twin brother is Daniel Whitby.

Nextgen SeriesEdit

Lulu's first appearance is in the one-shot, "But Daaaad!" with her brother and her cousin Diwata as the typical curious children.


Lulu is brown skinned like her father, and she is chubby like Ogie. Her relatively long dark brown hair is tied up in pigtails, and on her face rests a pair of glasses similar to her mother's.

She wears a sweater and a pair of tights similar to her mother's, only their colors are reversed to have a light blue sweater and dark green tights. Her mother's Sector Z hat rests on her head when she's on duty.


Lulu is a curious one, and usually her curiousity tends to go overboard, like the time she was curious as to what Leanne was up to in her room, only to find her hugging her picture of Patton and Fanny's son.

Lulu is also a bit like her mother; a bookworm, and a bit like her father; a shy person. She usually borrows her brother's helmet when she wants to hide her face, making an unusual combination of her mother and father. She is told to look more like Lenny, and she considers herself Daddy's Favorite Girl.


Lulu is great with 4x4-technology, and provides the weapons for her sector. She is also a fairly skilled chef, having trained with her mom, and has utilized a skill called Pancake Karate. She shoots dough into the air and shoots them with a S.P.I.C.E.R. to make them into pancakes, and as they fall to her enemy, she shoots them with syrup so the steaming hot pancakes would stick and burn them.

Stories She's AppearedEdit

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