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Clarence is a teen villain who works for Figure. He is usually paired up with his friend Ghost while on missions.

Clarence first appeared in the story Ethics, fighting the KND on the Moonbase to make sure they don't assist with the prison break at the Arctic Prison.

Clarence is revealed to have been a KND operative in the story Sixth Age, taking place five years before Operation: Z.E.R.O.. He was Numbuh 98.6 before being eventually decommissioned.

Clarence showed up again in Zen and Intent, set five years after Legend of the Eight Firstborn, where he once again found himself under the employment of someone name Figure. During the battle with the TND, Clarence primarily fought Nigel Uno. Because of his armor, Clarence was adept at the task, trouncing Nigel's firebending. Once the fight escalated into the air, Clarence pulled a grenade, letting it explode point blank around him and Nigel. the two then fell back to the ground.

Clarence's status is currently unknown.


Clarence wears bulky battle armor and uses a flamethrower as his main weapon.


Clarence is based off of the Flamethrower Dude from Red vs Blue.

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