City Retreat is Noah Heart's first level in Legend of the Eight Firstborn, where she has to rescue The Quads, and the 14th stage in the story.


Throughout the whole stage, Noah is trying to catch the truck holding The Quads inside, driven by the Eds. At first, chases it in her Camaro, avoiding any debris they throw at her. Eventually, the truck begins to chase her, so she's forced to jump out her Camaro and run down a street where cops are trying to catch her. The truck flies over some buildings and crushes a highway, so Noah has to make it to the other side, then avoid more troops. Eventually, she gets back in her car and goes over a swerving highway while Boba Fett shoots missiles at her that she has to evade. Once off the highway, the truck chases her again, so she leaps off into a construction site, then has to climb the steel tower as the truck rams off parts, making it sink. Once the building is nearly all gone, Noah grabs onto a crane that lifts her to a skatepark, where she gets on a skateboard and rolls through, dodging other skaters and grinding on rails. Eventually, she gets back in her car, then goes at high speeds down a hill as the truck unleashes weapons at her, and Boba drops trash. Eventually, Boba drops a banana peel, making the truck slip, release The Quads, and crash into a building. Cleveland, who was in the building, gets angry at the Eds and chases them away.

Sonic Generations OST - Classic City Escape Remix02:32

Sonic Generations OST - Classic City Escape Remix

Escape from the City

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