Charlotte although I liked the sketch better.

Charlotte "Charlie" MayHence is a girl in the KND who has a crush on Paddy Fulbright. She works as a sharpshooter
Charlotte MayHence

Charlie without glasses, I actually like this one better than the one with

(guard) on KND Moonbase, though she's allied with Sector W a lot. She is Numbuh 74, and her older brother is Numbuh 65.3.
Charlotte MayHence


Herbie (brother), Aranea (daughter), Larry MayHence (nephew)




Harvey, Sonya, Lee, Paddy, Angie, Rachel, Fanny


Plank 2x4, The Brain, Mr. Fizz, Fang, Negatar Gnaa


Paddy Fulbright


Cleveland, Virginia




Moonbase Sharpshooter

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Whitish blonde hair, blue eyes.

Divachick86's UniverseEdit

She was first in the one-shot "knowing", where the Sector W Team met each other, and Paddy complemented her pigtails.

In the one-shot "Invitation", Charlotte returns home and is mocked by her brother how she wasn't accepted to KND. Charlotte angrily goes upstairs to look at the letter accepting her to Cadet Training, and signs it.

In the one-shot "trust", she and Paddy snuck into school after hours to steal money to give to the Children's Mercy Hospital. Paddy then told her how amazing she was for caring for others.

In the one-shot "Dinner", Paddy came over to her house for dinner. She was going to ask him something, but stopped herself and just asked for his roll. She was possibly going to ask him to get her pregnant.

This was confirmed in the one-shot "workbooks", where Paddy figured out that she wanted to be pregnant to protest Teens' prejudice attitude about teen moms, and agreed to help her be a part of that.


While Charlotte originally took part in the Firstborn Saga, Gamewizard has decided to remove the character from the quest, due to her overall irrelevance. However, she still exists as an offscreen girlfriend and wife of Paddy. The two have a daughter named Aranea Fulbright, who takes after her mom.


She has whitish blonde hair and blue eyes, and wears pink glasses. As a kid, she typically wears a pink jacket over a tanktop, a skirt reaching her knees, leggings, and tennis shoes, and it's all pink, (with the exception of the tanktop, which usually varies). She seems to love the color pink.


She tends to beat to her own drum, she doesn't like Rainbow Monkeys, but can live with being around them. She also hates being compared to her brother and

drives herself from his reputation. She hates math, and likes thing

paddy and charlotte. HAd the picture lying around from a few weeks ago so...

s to be short

and to the point. Her attention span is very short, causing her to faze out when someone, as Herbie seems to do, spends too much time trying to get to the point. Charlotte also has a fear of spiders.


Charlotte's short height gives her an advantage. She can easily crawl through small places, move across narrow ledges, and is quick on her feet when it comes to dodging.


Charlotte has a fear of spiders, and if she fought any enemy relating to spiders (such as Fang), she wouldn't fair well.

Stories She's AppearedEdit

  • knowing
  • Invitation
  • Operation: FLASHBACK
  • trust
  • Dinner
  • workbooks
  • Protest

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