Charlie Uno

Charlie Emily Uno is the son of Nigel Uno and Rachel McKenzie-Uno in Littlemissfg's universe. Charlie is Numbuh 310 of Sector V. He is currently age 11 in the picture opposite. He helps the Leader of Sector V with reports, and gives ideas for new fighting moves and missions.


Nigel Uno, (Father) Rachel Mckenzie Uno, (Mother) Louise Monty Uno (Younger sister) His father's cousin, is Eva McCormack, who is married to Gabe McCormack. They have five children. The oldest is John, Nellie, Alan, then Roy and lastly Scott.


Charlie has had a crush on Kimi Ai Beatles, (She is Wally's and Kuki's daughter) since he was 9. He began liking her one day, when a boy called Greg hit on her. He was glad after school Kimi wasn't there... because he gave Greg a blooded nose, which earned him a detention.

Charlie's best friend are Trevor Cameron Drilovsky and David Richard Kirk. But Charlie likes everyone, he's just a bit more close to them two than anyone else... except for Kimi.


Charlie looks a bit like Nigel, except he has hazel brown eyes and light spiked brown hair. He wears anything he can find in his closet. Like blue T-shirts, black T-shirts, denim jeans, etc..

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