Camp Wawanakwa

Camp Wawanakwa (from Total Drama Island) is on an island where Total Drama Island takes place.

First AppearanceEdit

Camp Wawanakwa was a popular place during buddygirl1004s' story KND truth, dare and questions.

They first visited the camp when Nigel received a dare to jump off a really high cliff. The Quads then phoned Chris McLean, who they met at the Good Guys Evil Convention and where he and Morgan ended up kissing, who agreed to let them come to the island.

The KND and the TDI crew often conversed during the crossover events.

It is also known that Beckah originally gave Chris the idea for the peanut gallery and the Aftermath Show.

After that, the victims, mainly Nigel, were sent to the camp to do horrendously funny dares, which mostly consisted of Nigel wearing a meat dress.

The bears of Wawanakwa have a strong hatred for Nigel and have his face on wanted posters around the forest.

Morgan is currently writing it and it will be posted on April's account.

Total Drama Island KND Style Edit


April Dickson

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