Bruce Uno is the leader of the Delightful Children in the Out of Mind universe. Unlike his Positive counterpart, Bruce is infact the biological son of Benedict Uno, his siblings are still however adopted. Bruce is also the team leader of Triton Squad.
Bruce Uno (Mind)

Bruce Uno (Out of Mind)

Bruce first appeared in the story "Prelude: Out of Mind", where his father, the current Father of the United States of North America, called upon Bruce to lead the fight against the Kids New Dictatorship.

Bruce later appears in the stories "Mad World" and "Gonna Cut You Down", where he recruits Garfield Schurr and Death's Head into the fold.

During the main events of 'Out of Mind', Bruce would lead a series of raids, liberating children from schools turned broccoli mines.

Bruce eventually leads his Delightful Children to victory against the Kids New Dictatorship, as noted by The Shimmer after passing through the Out of Mind Universe.

Legends UniverseEdit

At one point, after the fall of the Kids New Dictatorship, and Benedict Uno's last term as Father, the fate of The Delightful Children in a post peace era looked bleak, The Shimmer, a known prophesier of death approached Bruce, informing him of the end of all existence, assigns Bruce the mission of recruiting the 'Nigel Unos' of the Multiverse.

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