Brianna Anderson is the second-to-youngest sibling (at 13 years old) in the Anderson family. Although she's related to a poisonbender and shadowbender, at the moment she doesn't seem to have any bending abilities or powers.

Firstborn SagaEdit

She was first in the one-shot "Peace Keeper" at the end, grinning at Victoria, then stating that it was a hard job being a Peace Keeper.

In Legend of the Eight Firstborn, she made a small appearance when Nolan and Bane brought the depressed Danika to their home so Victoria could make her happy again.


Victoria AndersonEdit

Brianna relates to her big sister and enjoys playing video games with her.

Danika AndersonEdit

Brianna is a bit irritating to her older sister, but none-the-less loves her and vice versa. Secretly, Brianna is Danika's favorite sister.

Leo AndersonEdit

Brianna thinks the boy is a nut, but loves him a lot. Whenever she catches him chatting with Steve, she plays along and chats with him too, often leading Leo to get a bit too excited about someone else seeing his friend.

Payton Anderson Edit

Brianna is a bit jealous of her little sister, because of all the attention she gets. But she keeps the jealousy on the down low.


Brianna has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Brianna is loud and mouth-y, which gets her in trouble a lot. She's a hardcore gamer and beats practically everyone she plays with. She curses a lot. She also has a fondness of speaking in small Japanese phrases to confuse people.

Stories She's Appeared InEdit

  • Peace Keeper

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