Bowser Koopa

Bowser Koopa

"Do you know who I am, Shaunie?! A SURVIVOR!!" -King Bowser to Shaunie

King Bowser Koopa (originally from the Mario series) is the Evil King of the Koopas, who joined Lord Gnaa's ranks after Gnaa restored him to normal size after he was shrunk by a black hole. Bowser is friends with Dr. Eggman and King K. Rool, and is a firebender that can survive any peril.

Bowser Koopa


Bowser Jr. (son)




Dr. Eggman, Lord Gnaa, King K. Rool


Mario, Luigi, Fanny Fulbright, Shaunie Fulbright


Princess Peach


Mushroom Kingdom




Koopa King

Good or Bad?


Hair and eye color:

Fire-red hair, red eyes

Bowser cont.


His son, his Koopalings, Kammy, being big, Princess Peach


Mario, Luigi, his minions' incompetence

Other names:

Koopa King, Turtleboy, Lord Bowser.


Taking over Mushroom Kingdom, defeating Mario, marrying Peach

Voice actor:

Scott Burns

First appearance:

Super Mario Bros. (1983)





Distinctive sign:

Spiked turtle shell



For many years, Bowser has been trying to capture Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, but was constantly foiled by Mario and Luigi. After his most recent fail, he was shrunk to toy size after falling in a black hole. Lord Gnaa found him and restored him to normal size, and a gratitude, Bowser joined Team Gnaa.

Benders' Dawn SagaEdit

He made his first appearance in Operation: DUTCHMAN with the other villains, discussing their plan with Lord Gnaa.

He was then at the end of Truth or Dare: KND Plus Others, telling Ganon and Eggman to calm down.

In The Great Galactic Race, he and Eggman raced together in a mechanical Koopa Car during the race. In the end, they were wiped out by Nick's Revenge Rider.

Firstborn SagaEdit

In "The Path of Scar", Bowser was there to watch Scarlet's transformation to a cat girl, then ordered his Koopas to attack her, until she destroyed them.

He had a big role in Attitude Adjustment, where he served as the main villain. In that story, Lord Gnaa ordered Bowser to use his Darkness Cannon to turn the Giantess Fanny to evil. He, Phantom Gnaa, Bowser Jr., and Kammy Koopa tried doing so, but ended up being unknowingly crushed by Fanny all the time. When Bowser decided to throw in the towels, Phantom Gnaa demanded he get something done. Bowser then made a deal with Rumpel Stiltskin, where if Rumpel stole the Growth Potion and gave it to Bowser, Bowser could destroy the city and make a new Koopa Kingdom, and give Rumpel his own party castle. When Bowser drank the potion, he grew into a giant, and Fanny engaged him in a titanic battle. Fanny grabbed Bowser by the tail and tossed him into the sun, but he only turned into a skeleton. Fanny soon defeated Bowser after he was about to kill her brothers, and Fanny's love and concern for her brothers shrunk both her AND Bowser back to normal size.

He made a brief appearance in Operation: DEATH-EGG, coming into Lord Gnaa's chamber wrapped in bandages and casts. Gnaa then ordered Bowser to recruit the Kremling Krew, and Bowser claimed that he and King K. Rool go way back.

In Final Preparations, he was shown recruiting the K. Rool Brothers to Lord Gnaa's ranks, then was with the rest of Gnaa's legions at the end.

Legend of the Eight FirstbornEdit

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Music - Final Boss - Bowser

Bowser vs. Shaunie

After Lord Gnaa was finally freed, Bowser was eager to begin sending his Koopas out to conquer the world. He sent his top Seven Koopalings out to different enemy stations, and sent his son and Kammy Koopa out to capture children by shrinking them down using Minish Dust. Afterwards, he placed them inside hamster cages and brought them back to Bowser's Castle, where the Koopa King scared them using his imposing height, using their fear to slowly power the Dark Master. When Bowser found out that Mario and his friends had come to the KND's world, he seemed even more desperate. During the Ocean Saga, Bowser sent Wendy Koopa to battle Mario and Luigi over the Sea Fleet, but after she was defeated, Bowser Jr. hit Luigi with a Darkness Cannon, turning him into Mr. L, who afterward joined to work with Bowser. During the Galactic Saga, Bowser set a trap for them on Star Station, sending his Supah Koopa Dancers to battle Mario, Toad, and Peach, which resulted in them capturing Princess Peach and bring her back to his castle. In the Freedom Saga, while GUN was attacking The Tree of Beginning, Bowser and Eggman came there too to capture Celebi.
New Super Mario Bros Wii OST - True Final Boss - Giant Bowser Extended

New Super Mario Bros Wii OST - True Final Boss - Giant Bowser Extended

Bowser's Rampage

After Lord Gnaa was restored to full power, the villains captured a majority of the main group and shrunk them down, locking them inside cages at Bowser's Castle, and using their fear to empower Lord Gnaa. Bowser then revealed that their fear has ALSO been transferring inside of a hidden machine, which has also been absorbing Celebi's power of growth. Bowser then used the machine to transform the inside of his castle to an entirely different Nightmarish dimension. Shaunie Fulbright and the Mario Bros. infiltrated his castle to battle him. During the battle, Kammy Koopa made Bowser a giant as Shaunie tried to run away from him. The Mario Bros. came back to Shaunie's aid as they sent Bowser into the fiery pit. When they rescued their friends, Bowser turned out to have survived as he began to power himself with a machine that absorbed the fear from his prisoners. However, his Koopalings ended up caught in the machine, and they transformed into a hideous Heartless called Koopamalgamous. The incarnation battled Shaunie and the Junior Prospectors, and they came victorious as the Koopas split apart. As a consequence, Bowser and his Koopalings were shrunk to as high as Shaunie's feet. Shaunie tried to step on Bowser, but he ran away, caught by Fanny as she placed him in a hamster cage with rest of the Koopalings. After they all left the castle, Matthew Dimalanta sent a Gas Bomb to blow it up, burying Bowser and the Koopalings beneath the rubble.

When Arceus destroyed the universe, creating The Scattered Realms, Bowser was one of many others who was brought back to life, and he helped the heroes recover the scattered pieces of Morgan's heart. During the after-party, he and Shaunie were eating meat together as Peach came to kiss Bowser on the nose.



Dr. EggmanEdit

Eggman and Bowser seem pretty good friends. They used to compete in the Olympics.

King K. RoolEdit

Bowser seems friends with him, too. They are both evil reptile kings.

Bowser Jr.Edit

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son. The young Koopa is loyal to his dad, and Bowser loves him for his desire to beat Mario.

Kammy KoopaEdit

Kammy is Bowser's advisor. She seems to go with him on missions. She also annoys him a lot.


Mario has been Bowser's archenemy for years. He always foils Bowser's evil plans.

Fanny FulbrightEdit

Fanny kicked Bowser's butt when they were both giants. He's hated her ever since, and marks her as bad as Mario.

Shaunie FulbrightEdit

Bowser is Shaunie's main enemy on his adventure. Bowser doesn't at all appear afraid of Shaunie, judging by how weak and puny he is. In the end, Shaunie was the one who defeated him.


Bowser is a turtle demon of some sort. He has mostly yellow skin, with a green turtle shell with spikes. On his arms are big blue rings with spikes, and he also has sharp claws. He has firered eyebrows and hair, and has horns on his head. He also has a short spiked tail, which seems to be his weak point.

20 years later, Bowser was mentioned to be much bigger.


Bowser has sort of a cocky attitude, and a very short temper. He also likes to make others feel insignificant to him.


Bowser makes up in brawn what he lacks in brain. He's got incredible strength and tough outer exterior, though this makes him move pretty slow. He is a firebender of decent skill, and can unleash fire breath, fireballs, and can even control how his flames spread out. Despite his weight, he is sort of a high jumper, and can quake the ground very powerfully if he lands. One of Bowser's most notable talents is surviving any sort of peril, such as a black hole, falling in lava, or having all of his flesh burned from his body. His skeleton still maintains a consciousness, and fights for him with even stronger strength.

Stories He's AppearedEdit

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