The museum curio of the Kids Next Door Museum of Artifacts, Numbuh 101, or Matthew, sat in Lime Rickey's, drinking a can of soda in a depressed state. He was just at the museum earlier telling his fellow operatives how the first generation of the Kids Next Door came to be. Unfortunately, his tale was short lived when the kids got bored and went to look at other stuff.

It wasn't really the only time something like this has happened. It was a common thing, really. Him telling a little story about KND's history to some operatives, only for the operatives to either get bored and leave or at least call him crazy, then leave. All in all, he could hardly get anyone to stay and listen to him blab. Whenever it was time for closing at the museum, he would come to Lime Rickey's and sulk in misery at the idea that maybe he was too boring to be around.

He sighed. "Maybe I should just quit this job and work in Arctic Base as a prison guard." He said to himself.

"No! Don't quit!" said a female voice from behind. Matthew looked behind him to see it was none other than the German scientist of Sector G, Numbuh 202, or Kimberly.

"Numbuh 202? What are you doing here?"

"Well, you looked depressed after those operatives left, so when I saw you coming here, I figured I'd follow you."

"Why? You were with the operatives who ditched me!"

"Well, yeah, but I only left so they didn't think I was weird for staying to listen. I'm self-conscious like that. To tell the truth, I actually like listening to you talk! I don't think anyone knows more about KND than you! You're really smart and I like that!"

Matt smiled and chuckled. "Well, I DO know a lot!"

"Yeah. Hey, do you wanna go get some pizza?"

"Sure! Then maybe I can tell you about Grandfather's father?"

"I'd like that!" And with that, the two new friends were off, and Matthew thought that maybe he wasn't so boring after all.

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